Hipmunk City Love: Your Travel Guide for Istanbul

Travel Guide for Istanbul - Hagia Sophia

The ancient Turkish city of Istanbul is a colorful and culturally rich destination. It is often called the city where East meets West. This fascinating cultural mix attracts travelers from all over the world. Are you one of the lucky people who is going to visit this city? And do you need some guidance about what to expect and what to do? Then you will certainly like this travel guide for Istanbul.

Travel Guide for Istanbul – Public Transportation

Travelling around in Istanbul is very convenient, mainly because of the wide variety of transportation systems. Some of the options are subway trains, buses, trams, ferries, and sea-buses. Buy an ISTANBULKART as it conveniently gives you access to most of the transportation systems. You can buy this card at kiosks, ticket booths and newspaper stands. The ISTANBULKART is especially useful when you stay in the city for more than a few days.

Clubbing in Istanbul

Istanbul houses a large variety of trendy clubs. However, clubbing travelers are definitely advised to do some research on customer-friendly dancing establishments. Electronic dance music enthusiasts especially will find happiness, electrifying tunes, and a good atmosphere at the popular Indigo club in Beyoğlu. International DJ’s also know how to find this club.

Food and Restaurants

West and East mix perfectly in Istanbul’s best restaurants. Enjoy outstanding Italian food at the sizable Cipriani Istanbul restaurant in Levent Mah Büyükdere Caddesi, or satisfy your taste buds with local Anatolian and Istanbul dishes from one of the three highly respected Borsa establishments in the city. X Restaurant and Bar at Sadi Konuralp Caddesi Deniz Palas 5 also deserves a mention because it offers exquisite Mediterranean fusion and a sensational view of the city.

Lodging Options

As with restaurants, Istanbul has no shortage of amazing hotels. One charming hotel with a particularly convenient address is Hotel Amira Istanbul. This gorgeous boutique hotel occupies a spot in the old city, surrounded by world-class touristic sights like the Basilica Cistern, the Grand Bazaar, and Hagia Sophia.

Sights and Attractions

History, architecture, and water engineering enthusiasts should head over to Basilica Cistern (Sunken Palace) at Yerebatan Caddesi 1/3. There, they will learn more about Istanbul’s former Byzantine/Greek drinking water system. Vacationers should also see the Hagia Sofia at Sultanahmet Square. This impressive  building was originally a Greek Orthodox church but became a mosque in later years, and now functions as a museum. It is a marvelous architectural attraction that dates back to the sixth-century. When in Istanbul, don’t miss Topkapi Palace at Sultanahmet–this wonderful palace used to house the Sultans.

A Fascinating Mix of Cultures

Istanbul is especially fascinating for history and architecture lovers. The city is jam-packed with old buildings from ancient civilizations like the Roman, Greek, and the Byzantine empires. However, Istanbul is not only culturally and historically diverse; it is also a place where old meets modern. The city houses a large variety of vibrant clubs and bars, while various spectacular fusion restaurants add to the modern, cosmopolitan character of the city.
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