Hipmunk City Love: Where to Go for Houston Vegan Restaurants

In search for Houston Vegan Restaurants

Finding good vegan restaurants in a big city often requires some research. To avoid wasting valuable Houston touring time, it is a good idea to create a Houston vegan restaurants list when planning a city trip. Vegan enthusiasts who travel to the delightful city of Houston might like to put the following four vegetarian and vegan restaurants on their “to visit” lists.

San San Tofu

San San Tofu on Wilcrest Drive qualifies itself as a vegetarian restaurant, but it also serves delicious vegan meals. Ask the restaurant staff about the ingredients of the available food to avoid eating products that consist of dairy or eggs. The cooks from San San Tofu know how to serve travelers a proper vegan meal because they took lessons from a Buddhist monk. Some of their dishes, snacks, and drinks include lemon grass tofu, vegan mock meats, jack fruit chips, and soy milk.

Quan Yin

The Vietnamese meals of Quan Yin on Bellaire Boulevard are suitable for vegetarians or vegans. However, they may satisfy meat lovers, as well. This restaurant serves a variety of delicious mock meat dishes like vegan shredded pork balls (appetizer) and vegan green pepper steak (main dish). Refreshing coconut drinks and tasty soy milk are some of the healthy beverages on the menu. Travelers might want to search for Houston hotels near Quan Yin, as it is one of those Houston vegan restaurants that makes them want to return regularly.

Pepper Tree

Pepper Tree on Richmond Avenue serves 100 percent Chinese vegan food. As with restaurant Quan Yin, Pepper Tree also focuses strongly on mock meat dishes. Restaurant guests can start with appetizers like crispy vegan chicken, tofu fries, and steamed dumplings. Some of the main dishes are sweet and sour vegan fish sticks and smoked vegan duck fillet. Possible desserts and beverages include vegan coconut cake, sesame balls, and blueberry smoothies. Pepper Tree offers a broad weekday buffet for an affordable price, too. It is nice to know this restaurants also cleans, cooks, and serves food with triple-filtered water.

Loving Hut

The Loving Hut vegan restaurant chain on S. Kirkwood Road offers a broad mix of Asian and Western orientated dishes. Some of the best appetizers in this restaurant are the vegetable filled golden rolls or the golden nuggets from soy protein. Recommended main dishes include the Loving Hut burger with a vegan patty and teriyaki sauce or the Chow Mein wheat noodle dish with vegetables. Loving Hut also serves various tasteful vegan desserts and beverages.

Create Your Top Houston Vegan Restaurants List

With such a large amount of Houston restaurants and menus, it can be hard to find a trustworthy, quality vegetarian or vegan restaurant in Houston. Visit these eateries to get surprised by the amazing food instead of the lack of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Have a look at this vegan and vegetarian restaurant resource link for more vegan friendly eating and drinking establishments.
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