Unending Travels Or Quick Bursts Of Movements?

It has been awhile since my last post. A lot has happened during that time.

I collaborated with the friendly people of Working Traveler. They asked me why I live in Bangkok and if I could answer some questions about living in this hectic city. You can read the interview here. Be aware! It might inspire you to grab your bags and head over to Thailand for your own writing and traveling adventure.

I also kept learning. Recently, my focus has been strongly on learning how to save time and being more productive. I got motivated to study these topics after a trip to Laos. The purpose of my travel was a visa run and I decided to travel with a minivan.

The visa run took three days. During these days, I was barely able to work, and I got tired from sitting in the minivan for 8 hours to Laos and for 8 hours back to Bangkok. When I came home, I was totally out of my rhythm and I felt like I had kicked my health in the gut with bad food, stress cigarettes, grumpiness and a lack of sleep. It took me another full day to recover. Another working day wasted.

It was at that moment that I realized something very important: time is more valuable than money!

I could have chosen to fly to Laos, instead of taking the minivan. Instead of traveling for around 16 hours, it would have taken me only two hours. The price would be higher, but now I believe that it would have actually saved me more money in the end, because I would not be so tired, could go back to work much quicker and would have less stress.

Sometimes The Cheapest Option Is Not Always The Best One

You might spend a bit more money, but remember that if you travel faster and more convenient, you are able to get back to work much quicker and more rested. The extra costs are then easily earned back.

What is your choice when you travel? Do you choose the cheaper option or do you spend a little bit more to save time and make the trip convenient and quick?

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