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Turtle beach in Penang. Receive more travel pictures like this by signing up to my travel newsletter.My travel newsletter

Do you want to receive regular updates about my travel adventures? Here are 10 reasons why you should sign up to my Vagabond Travel Newsletter.

When you sign up you will get two emails per week. They consist of:

1. Blog updates
2. Travel, writing and lifestyle tips
3. Updates about my charity projects
4. Pictures of inspiring travel destinations
5. Discount offers on hotels, tickets, tours etc.
6. Answers to frequently asked travel questions
7. Updates and stories about my travel adventures
8. Travel resource recommendations (books, gear, gadgets etc.)
9. News updates on what is happening in my current destination
10. Travel news updates (conferences, gatherings, airline regulations etc.)

Looks great but am I really going to be happy when I sign up to this newsletter?

I know you would ask, and it is your good right.

Check out this awesome, real time, graphic. It shows how people are responding to my Vagabond Travel Newsletter.

  • Gold Star = great!
  • Green Light = good
  • Yellow Light = ok
  • Red Light = disappointed

Are you convinced?

Here you can sign up for my Vagabond Travel Newsletter. I am looking forward to connect with you!

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