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Thank you for visiting this travel funding page.

What is it about ?

I love to entertain people with my writings. I am also very happy to give people travel and writing advice. I can use your support as well. You can help me by donating to this website.

This is what I will do with your donated money:

1. Support local charity organisations

Some of the donated money that I receive wil be donated to local charity organsations. I will give the money to an organisation of the country that I am visiting at that moment. At the moment I will send parts of the donated money to Baan Unrak. This is a charity organisation for which I already did some fund raising work. They are a small organisation that takes care of children in the region of Kanchanburi, Thailand. I really apreciate what they are doing. That is why they are my charity of choice in Thailand. You can find more about Baan Unrak on their website:Baan Unrak Foundation

2. Further development of this website

Maintaining the website and writing all the articles is a lot of work. I do it with great pleasure, and I will keep continue doing it 🙂 However sometimes I am in need of a cup of coffee, and yes.. I admit an accompanying piece of chocolate pie. Would you like to make me happy and support my efforts? Then I can keep working to entertain you, with a full tummy and a smile on my face 🙂

Consider donating with PayPal if you like what you see on this website. We will use your kind donations for further development of this website and a cup of coffee.



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