I worked with Jesse multiple times and it was a great experience. Jesse will find a way to produce quality content about any topic, and he will also aline it very well for the search engines to index. I also recommend Jesse to my network when they are in need of a quality writer.

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Jesse Logister has been writing transcriptions for us since 2014. His work is of excellent quality and he has never missed a deadline!

Aline Aling
MediaTranscript, The Netherlands

Being an AB Communication Arts graduate, I enjoy reading some articles which are very detailed and specific. Seeing Jesse’s posts makes me admire his knowledgeable and informative style of writing, which surely catches his readers’ attention, especially those who enjoy travelling.

Dianna Vergara

Jesse has been a loyal editor for more than 4 years at our Community Broadcasting Station. Despite he is living on the other site of the world, he manages to stay on top of the local news of our region. We are proud to have him aboard.

Arthur Hergarden
Weeff Broadcasting

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