Madrid Art Museums Guide

Madrid Art Museums

Madrid is a top destination for art lovers. From the contemporary art collections at the Reina Sofia to Prado’s aesthetic paintings, there is literally no limit to how deep you can dive into the art scene of this graceful Spanish city. It is impossible to see everything during a Madrid museum tour, but some must-see art attractions should have a prominent spot on your tour list. Here are five of the best Madrid art museums.

1. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

With a collection that is so significant to the art world, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum on Paseo del Prado can simply not be ignored during a visit to Madrid. When visiting this museum, you will marvel at Baron Hans-Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza’s private collection of more than 750 paintings. The 19th century museum building is an art piece in itself. It adds a refined touch to the stunning and incredibly broad collection of top-notch paintings that it houses. From 13th century Italian Masterpieces, to beautiful examples of French Impressionism, this incredible art museum has it all – and it is an absolute must-see attraction.

2. Museum of Romanticism

The Museum of Romanticism on Calle San Mateo has more than 1,600 craft works. Various paintings, pianos and furniture pieces represent the 19th century romantic period in Spain. Be sure to research nearby Madrid hotels like for example Husa Princesa, because you will want to come back to see the extensive craft collections at this lovely museum.

3. Museum of Lázaro Galdiano

The Museum of Lázaro Galdiano on Calle de Serrano is another charming art house with an immense collection of paintings. 15,000 paintings here show scenes and creations from various centuries. Some of the artists who earned their spot in this museum are the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch and the Spanish painter Francisco Goya. Beautiful art should always be displayed in an equally beautiful building. The charming Museum of Lázaro Galdiano mansion and its surrounding gardens will not let you down.

4. Museum Cerralbo

Museum Cerralbo on Calle de Ventura Rodríguez houses the extraordinary artwork collection of the late Marques, collector, and traveler Enrique de Aguilera y Gamboa. The painting entitled The Ecstasy of St. Francis of Assisi from El Greco is one of the highlights of his collection. Besides paintings, this jam-packed museum also displays countless curiosities and craft works like clocks, Japanese armor pieces, and pipes. The historic mansion, in which these artworks and curiosities are on display, is a beautiful and detailed representation of an aristocratic house. During the year, this Madrid art museum organizes various concerts and special exhibitions.

Madrid Art Museums House Some of the Worlds Most Extraordinary Collections

Madrid is a city that cannot be ignored by art enthusiasts. Its museums and galleries are of so much importance that you most likely find you way back to this city on regular occasions. Displayed collections cover time periods of more than 700 years. They are beautiful, graceful and full of historic relevance. Don’t know where to start? Visit the described attractions and you will easily find a century, art movement, or artist of your liking.

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