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Charity funding on the highest point in ThailandWhy I support Charity Funding

When I left my country I was unsatisfied. Things seemed to get worse by the day. Poverty because of a bad economic situation, anger because of politicians that did not listen to their voters, frustration because of bad public transportation. A lot of people complained and I was no exception.

A lesson in humbleness

Then I returned to Thailand and quickly got a lesson in humbleness. People might complain in the Netherlands about being poor or troubled, but it is in no comparison to the poverty and problems that some people are having over here. Once again I realized how lucky I really was.

People who have lost their kid because they could not pay for medical treatment. Girls who have to go out every night, to search for man who want to spend the night with them, and provide them with some money. Old people and little children on the street, begging for some coins.

I really felt bad about my constant complaints about being poor or unlucky. Instead I should be extremely lucky with the possibilities that I have been given. I have the opportunity to be free, to learn and to travel. Now I strongly feel that I need to do something good by using those advantages.

 Charity Funding while traveling 

Ever since I returned to a live of travel, I have felt the motivation to do something good for the world. It resulted in the idea of supporting a charity organisation in every country that I visit for a longer period. Now, as I am currently in Thailand, I focus on a Thailand based charity organisations.

Your support 

Can you help us make a difference by donating a small amount of money to my travel fund? 75% of the donated money will go directly to Baan Unrak, and I will use the other 25% for further development of this website. The larger this website becomes the more people I am able to help.

You can make a safe donation with Paypal by using this donations form. Be assured that I will always keep everyone updated about what has been done with the donated money. I truly appreciate your kind support, because it will help to make a difference in the world.

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