My name is Jesse Logister.
I am 25 years old and currently living in Bangkok Thailand.
I am born in the Netherlands in Amsterdam on Sunday 5 January 1986 on a cold winters morning
In my free time I like to travel, watch films and read books. I also like to do sports and try new stuff sometimes. My motto is really about having to have tried it first in order to be able to make a judgement about it. Don’t be scared and try to life. Life is great if you stay nosy for everything in it. Explore and have fun and don’t have a life which you think is boring.


Born on the 5th of January on a cold Sunday morning in the City of Amsterdam.


I remember travelling with my family to France in the summers. It seemed to be a stressful period for my parents but I have good memories about it. There where no worries. I played with my sister and brothers. The weather was great and in my imagination France was a magical place. This is because I have memories of the summer and vacation. It’s great to look back on this childhood period in my life.
I also went to the zoo with my dad a lot. When we still lived in Amsterdam.

1999 till 2004

Vrije school Adriaan Roland Holst in Bergen Noord holland. A period I have good memory’s from. It was the time where everything was still without pressure. We hang around after school with a big group. Life was easy and fun and Bergen was a great place to grow up. With the forest and beach close from School it was always a pleasure and a great escape from the busy world.The school was a great place of creativity. It was a small school so everybody knew each other. Which was great for the personal touch.We learned about working with wood clay steel. Singing painting and many more creative skills. It was the period for me where I first discovered writing. I wrote long story’s and the people in the class really seemed to like it except for my teachers because the story’s usually seemed to be about them.

Unfortunately the good period ended and serious life begun when my best friend died in a Car Crash. I had known him for the biggest part of my life. My friends left school after that happened. It felt like everybody suddenly lost his childhood, raw real life had kicked in. I decided to stay. I got my degree in the summer of 2004 and left the school.


First travel out of Europe. With my dad I went for 3 weeks to New Zealand. We travelled around in a camper. The greatest moment of the journey was a sky dive on 9000 ft. The sky was clear and beautiful that day and we landed safely. I also had my first experience with a Zorb ball. In a big plastic ball with water inside I was pushed of a hill. I know now how it should feel being in a washing machine.

2004 till 2006

VAVO at Horizon College Alkmaar. Noord-Holland Got my Diploma in the summer of 2006.
It was also the period I moved out of my parent’s house for the first time. I went to live in Alkmaar close to my new school. A guy witch I knew from my old school also seemed to life there..
The school was again very small which made it great for socializing. Everybody knew each other. So also the teachers knew our names again. I made friends with a great group of people and it was a great period in my life where I learned to life on my own. The party’s in that time were great. I also got in touch with faith for the first time as I went to a monastery for a few times. First to have some quiet study time and the second one just to come back to that peaceful place


The first time I Travelled to Asia and when on vacation without any of my parent’s. I went to Thailand and travelled in the country for a month. I met a lot of different travellers and had great time.
I also did an attempt to get my diving licence on the island of Ko Tao witch unfortunately failed.


In the summer of 2009 I lived for almost 3 month’s in Tokyo Japan. A great experience in a beautiful country. I fell in love with the city of The city has a great atmosphere. Its save clean and a place I would like to life once in my life.


The first period I lived in a nice big house in Utrecht. I went to school where I learned a lot about Asian Culture and business. But I was not totally satisfied. I wanted more adventure so I started to work at the airport again and saving money for a bigger adventure. Working at the airport with aircraft’s has always has been a great job. It is very special to work with the big aircraft’s. Something that is not done by everyone. I the end of the year 2010 I decided it got to cold and expensive in to stay in Holland. So I decided it was time for a new adventure and went to Thailand and started living in the big city of Bangkok.In this period I also started my own ICT company. It was an exiting moment in my life to for the first time starting my own business.


At the moment I am still in Bangkok. Here I have my own apartment in a quiet student area. The living here is cheap. The weather is great. The only thing I am missing is a bit more nature. In this periode I started getting interested in Emergency First Response and First aid. I got my certificate for a first aid responder in April 2011. In May I am going for the instructors course. After that I can give Emergency First Response lessons myself. I decided to start a second company focusing on giving first aid and Emergency First response lessons.

This is also the period where I seriously started to think about breaking a world record. This is still in the first stage and I will not tell much about it yet. It is an exiting thought to and I hope to realise it at the end of this Year

More information about my record attempt and my life will appear in the latest news section of the website. Keep in touch with me on Facebook, Twitter and Skype. Hope to see you on one of those places sometime. I wish you all good luck and have a good one.

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