On this website, I write about freedom in all of its wonderful forms. I write about topics like financial independence, escaping the daily rat race, spiritual freedom, time management, and minimalism.

Unfortunately, a lot of people, including me, are prisoners and slaves to things like our own bad habits, the government, financial debts and social structures. It is therefore important that we escape from the things that keep us imprisoned.

It is my hope that the articles on this website will find their way to your screen, and that they help you on your own quest to freedom. Throw away the shackles and enjoy the ride.

And you are?

My parents named me Jesse when I was born in Amsterdam 32 years ago. Although the Netherlands is my home country and my first love, I spend most of my days in beatifull and sunny Thailand, especially at those moments when my love treats me cold.

But no matter where I am in the world, I spend most of my time writing, doing online marketing and watching movies (way too many movies).

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