Hipmunk City Love: A Guide to Tokyo Sushi Restaurants

Tokyo Sushi Restaurants

Tokyo is jam-packed with sushi restaurants, from high-class Michelin-starred establishments to off the beaten track fish market diners. It is by no means difficult to find some artistic fish restaurant, but you can definitely not end a Tokyo sightseeing tour without visiting one. Grab your chopsticks and a large amount of money and plan a trip to one of these excellent Tokyo sushi restaurants.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

The best sushi experience, and most likely the most amazing eating experience in your life, takes some planning. The outstanding establishments have only a few available seats. Quality sushi is not mass-produced. The best chefs make your sushi piece by piece. They like to tell you about the ingredients they use. That is why it is important to learn some Japanese. Also, do not expect a cheap eating experience. Prices are often sky-high. Plan ahead, save money, learn some Japanese, and some sushi eating etiquette. Once you are ready, head over to one of the following Tokyo sushi restaurants.

Sukiyabashi Jiro

It is extremely difficult for foreigners to reserve a seat, but Sukiyabashi Jiro in Ginza should definitely be mentioned, as it is one of the most famous sushi restaurants in the world. There are only 10 seats available. Its fame and size require reservations made far ahead, and being able to speak Japanese is almost mandatory. However, you will marvel at the chef’s artistic sushi creations. Keep in mind that his drive for the perfect sushi experience requires you to eat every piece within 45 seconds after it ends up on your plate.

Sushi Saito

It is a real challenge to reserve a spot at Sushi Saito in Akasaka. The reason is its status as one of the best sushi establishments on earth combined with a small capacity of only seven seats. You need to make an early reservation, preferably a few months in advance. Pleasant points about this restaurant are the relaxed atmosphere and the English-speaking chef.

Sushi Dai

When going for sushi in Tokyo, eating at Sushi Dai is one experience you should not miss. It provides you with a chance to eat the freshest sushi in Tokyo. This restaurant occupies a spot at the famous Tsukiji Fish Market. The place is also crowded with sushi restaurants. Sushi Dai is probably your best pick and the hand-picked sushi menu is their best meal. Do some research on nearby Tokyo hotels because to need to wake up early to get the freshest sushi.

Once in a Lifetime Dining Experiences in Tokyo Sushi Restaurants

Sushi is more than just a meal. It is culinary art in its most purest form. Having a chance to eat it in one of the best Tokyo sushi restaurants is a once in a lifetime experience. There is an entire philosophy and etiquette on how to prepare it and eat it. Therefore, if you really want to have an authentic sushi experience, it is strongly advised to head over to some of the best sushi restaurants in Tokyo. Eating sushi will never be the same after a dining experience in one of these restaurants.
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