Hipmunk City Love: A Guide to Kowloon Rooftop Bars

Marvel at the Hong Kong skyline  on top of Kowloon rooftop bars

Kowloon (Cantonese for Nine Dragons) is a district of Hong Kong. This peninsula ranks among the highest densely populated areas in the world. More than two million people live in an area that is smaller than 46 square kilometers. It is a place with countless small alleys and dining opportunities. Travelers who want to escape the crowed streets, find peace, tranquility, and luxury in one of the district’s high-end Kowloon rooftop bars. Overlooking the vibrant skyline of the Kowloon peninsula might become a literal and figurative highlight of the trip. Here are some of the best Kowloon rooftop bars.

3. Ozone

The chic and elegant Ozone sky bar at 1 Austin Road West occupies a perfect spot on floor 118 of the Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong. A visit to Ozone is definitely a flirt with Kowloon’s amazing skyline, but also with gravity. This captivating bar on top of the world’s highest hotel offers a beautiful view over the city. Visitors can grab a pair of binoculars and look at Kowloon’s stunning skyline in detail. The bar serves classy champagne cocktails and visitors can enjoy a glamorous tapas menu that consists of Asian snacks.

2. Aqua Spirit

Aqua Spirit at 1 Peking Road is popular among visitors and locals. The marvelous view is the most attractive reason to visit this amazing rooftop bar and restaurant. Delicious Japanese and Italian dining possibilities are a second irresistible reason to hang out at Aqua Spirit. Aqua Spirit divides the place into two sections. Those who love Western food sit down on one side of the restaurant and patrons who yearn for Japanese cuisine sit down on the other. Luscious fusion cocktails and other fashionable drinks are of course served on both sides.

1. Felix

Felix occupies a marvelous spot in the majestic Peninsula Hong Kong on Salisbury Road. This old-school establishment is one of the original rooftop bars in the city. High-rolling rooftop bar enthusiasts should definitely pay it a visit as it has now gained an iconic status. At Felix’s it is al about elegance and style. This restaurant and bar also requires a certain level of elegance from its visitors. The dress code is strict and children who are younger than 12 years cannot enter the bar. Vacationers who head over to Felix will especially enjoy the scenic Victoria Harbor view.

The Highlight of a Kowloon Rooftop Bars City Trip

Every traveler’s Kowloon sightseeing list should include a visit to a rooftop bar. They should ascend to the top of one of Kowloon’s high buildings and marvel at the beauty that spreads out in front of their eyes. Go up and watch the sun go down and see how the city lights spark up like stars. The true beauty of an urban environment shines brightly in such a sparkling overview. To watch at all this beauty in a comfortable chair while sipping from a savory drink might well be counted as one of the highlights of a Kowloon rooftop bars city trip.
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