A Guide to Getting Lost in London

London at night

London is a perfect destination for travelers who like to get lost. Marvel at historic landmarks, stroll through large parks or visit exclusive stores. And at the end of the day, you have a huge variety of dining possibilities and accommodation options that help you recharge for your next adventure.

Getting Around by Public Transportation

London is a great city to explore by public transportation. Buses are one of the most convenient transportation options for traveling around. They take you to and through every part of this magnificent city. You can plan your trip ahead or surprise yourself by hopping off the bus in an unknown area. No matter where you get off you will most likely be pleasantly surprised. When visiting London, make sure that you also catch a ride on the famous underground system. Learn more about transportation systems, rates and timetables at the city’s official Transportation for London website.

Walking Around in the City

Walking around in London is a very pleasant experience. You can decide to just stroll around on your own or take part in one of the many entertaining and original walking tours. Explore the dark alleys of the notorious Whitechapel neighborhood during the thrilling Jack the Ripper Tour or learn more about celebrities who made London famous in a positive way, during the Celebrity Walking Tour of Notting Hill. Those who not want to join a tour group, will enjoy strolling near the banks of the Thames river or in one of London’s beautiful parks.

Eating and Drinking in London

Are you looking for some food or a drink after a day of exploring? Luckily, there is not a better place where you can end up hungry or thirsty then in London. With one of the most cultural diverse dinning possibilities in the world, this is a city where you not only explore by using your feet, but also with your taste buds. Dine in style among outrageous decorations at the Les Trois Garçons bistro in Shoreditch or enjoy an exotic South African dinner at Shaka Zulu in Camden. Children will love the Amazon themed Rainforest Cafe in West End.

Relax and Recharge at a London Hotel

After a day of exploring London, you can recharge in one of the city’s excellent hotels. The contemporary Cavendish London hotel is a convenient choice if you want to stay in the vibrant Piccadilly area. The family friendly Knightsbridge Hotel is a good option if you plan to explore London’s historic and exclusive Knightsbridge district. An exclusive environment can also be found in the Chelsea district. The luxurious 5-star San Domenico house is one of those hotels that matches the high-end atmosphere of the Chelsea neighborhood.

Getting Lost Was Never so Exiting

Being lost gets a totally new meaning once it happens to you in London. It is an exiting and memorable experience. London is so big, convenient, and marvelous that you will most likely want to return to explore more and get lost again during your trip.

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