5 Healthy Sights and Activities in the Green City of Vancouver


Travelers who decide to stroll on less traveled roads in Vancouver, will often end up in beautiful and lush parks. Their eyes will enjoy the view of the wild ocean, the snow-covered mountains, and the vast wetlands. Their face will enjoy the cool sea breeze, and their mind will sparkle because of the exciting feeling of adventure. Those who like to exercise will find pleasure in the countless hiking, swimming, tennis, and golfing opportunities in the city’s parks and neighborhoods.

1. Commercial Drive 

Commercial Drive is a neighborhood full of shops and farmer’s markets. Some of those shops include music stores and bookshops. Commercial Drive is also loved because of its culinary diversity. Dishes from all over the world are available in various charming restaurants. Also visit this neighborhood during festivals like the Parade of Lost Souls, and the Vancouver International Fringe Festival.

2. Everett Crowley Park

Everrett Crowley Park is a delight for adventurous city dwellers. Follow the park trails and enjoy the surrounding nature in the form of plants, trees, local wildlife, and a pond. This park in southeast Vancouver also offers its visitors a view over the Fraser River. Try to spot Mount Baker and the Gulf Islands when the weather is clear.

3. Ambleside Pitch and Putt

Head over to the Ambleside Pitch and Putt for a laid-back day of golf. This golf club in West Vancouver offers friendly prices and a beautiful course that is easily accessible from the nearby beach. In between golf swings, golfers will also enjoy the view of Stanley Park and Lions Gate Bridge. Search for nearby Vancouver Hotels in the West Vancouver neighborhood for an excellent beach and golf vacation.

4. New Brighton Park

New Brighton Park in the Hastings-Sunrise district is a perfect spot for active travelers. They can swim in the refreshing outdoor pool, play soccer on one of the large fields, or stroll along the scenic walking trails. The park also houses tennis courts, playgrounds, and picnic areas. The nearby Rosedale On Robson Suite Hotel is a great place to relax after an intensive day of activities.

5. The Sanctuary at Hastings Park 

The Sanctuary at Hastings Park is a delightful place for bird lovers and hikers. It houses a marsh area and lake, which are both excellent living and resting spots for countless species of birds. However, this park offers more than only birds. It is also a place where culture meets nature in the form of charming Japanese and Italian gardens. Fountains, statues, and plants form the decorations of these gardens.

Where Urban Meets Nature 

Vancouver is a city that appreciates nature. Travelers notice the strong natural identity of this city when they start walking around and discover a large variety of beautiful parks. A lot of these parks are popular gathering spots for tourists and locals, but those travelers who follow the less traveled paths will often end up on walking trails in unexplored parks. A lot of those parks are not occupied by tourists but by the local wildlife. In these parks, vacationers will find many forms of entertainment in the form of sports, wildlife spotting, and other outdoor activities.

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