4 Tips to Explore the Chicago Music Scene

Explore the Chicago music scene at night

There is always a good reason to discover the Chicago music scene during a city trip. It is safe to say that this urban stage breathes music. From its suburban neighborhood veins to its vibrant heart, electrifying tunes and suiting melodies will surprise you everywhere. Therefore, a trip to this exciting city is not complete without a visit to one of its delightful music venues. Here are four of the must see sites that will suit your ears and tickle your dancing nerves.

1. Schubas Tavern

Head over to Southport Avenue and enjoy the warm atmosphere and intimate setting of Schubas Tavern. As with a lot of other music venues in Chicago, this venue is a strong promoter of promising talents from the city and the surrounding region. It is a cozy venue and a perfect place to cheer for local artists. They know how to find this place and they certainly know how to give a good show. Look for comfortable Chicago hotels near Schubas Tavern to enjoy a few special nights of musical satisfaction.

2. Metro Chicago

When talking about music venues in Chicago, Metro requires a special mention. Over the years, this beloved concert hall on Clark Street has gained an iconic status in the music world. Several of the worlds’ most famous musicians played at this venue. For many of them, Metro was the one that catapulted their careers. This was certainly the case for well-known bands like The Smashing Pumpkins, Depeche Mode and R.E.M. Metro also played an important role in the rise and promotion of music genres like grunge and industrial.

3. Reggie’s Rock Club

Head over to Reggie’s Rock club if you are in need of some high-quality and high-volume musical styles. This club in the South Loop area focuses on loud and energetic music genres like hardcore, old school metal and punk. Make sure to visit the attached record shop if you want to buy some used CDs or vinyls. Play them at home to bring back memories of your musical trip to the Windy City.

4. Hugo’s Frog Bar and Fish House on Rush Street

Hugo’s Frog Bar and Fish House is a comfortable dining and drinking spot. You can grab a bite, have a drink, and listen to wonderful blues music. Rush Street is a popular destination for nightlife entertainment enthusiasts. After visiting Hugo’s Frog Bar and Fish House, you might want to stay a little longer and explore other music venues on Rush Street. Luckily, there are a lot of excellent hotels in the nearby area. Grand Avenue is a good spot to start searching for a comfortable Windy City hotel.

The Vibrant Chicago Music Scene 

No matter if it is rock, jazz, dance or blues, music is everywhere in the alluring city of Chicago. Dance in clubs until the early morning, cheer at your favorite artists during festivals and concerts or just sit back and relax at a charming music bar in one of the city’s back alleys.

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