Hipmunk City Love: 15 Tips to Explore Madrid on a Budget

Explore Madrid on a Budget

You can have a wonderful vacation when you explore Madrid on a budget. Follow these 15 budget tips and you will save money while you gain precious travel memories.

1. Travel to Madrid

Plan a trip during the off-season because transportation tickets, hotels, and tourist attractions will be cheaper. The best budget friendly travel periods are winter and fall.

2. Transportation Options

Budget airline prices for flights within Europe are always extremely cheap and widely available. Trains and buses are also affordable and convenient transportation options if you do not mind to travel slower.

3. Accommodation Options in the City Center

Hotel Husa Princesa is a convenient hotel on a central location, but book far in advance to save money on room rates. Hostels are also price-friendly accommodation options.

4. Valuable Information

5. Visit a tourist office when you arrive in Madrid. The staff can tell you about budget-friendly attractions, discount offers and other interesting deals.

6. Getting Around by Public Transportation

Consider traveling around by bus or use the metro system. Both of these transportation options are cheap, convenient and safe. A 10 trip public transportation card costs only €12,20.

7. Sightseeing on a Bicycle

Visit Juan Carlos I Park and sign up for an electronic bike rental card. This card gives you access to free bicycles for a whole year.

8. Walking Tours

Join a free walking tour to get to know the city on foot. You will learn a lot about Madrid during this informative walk.

9. Free Museums

Some of Madrid’s museums open their doors for free on certain days or times. For example, the famous Prado museum does not charge an entrance fee on Sundays.

10. Budget-friendly Meals

Choose a hotel or hostel that offers a free breakfast. A lot of restaurants in Madrid offer a delicious three-course lunch (menú del día) for about €10 or less. A true Spanish delight.

11. Free Snacks and Tapas

Tapas bars and restaurants like El Tigre and La Bardemcilla on give you free snacks or tapas with your ordered drink.

12. Affordable Souvenirs

Avoid the souvenir sellers in the center of the city if you are on a budget. Souvenir prices are lower outside of the center.

13. Cheap Soccer Tickets

Do not buy soccer tickets from touts. You will save a lot of money if you buy your ticket directly at the ticket desk from the soccer club.

14. Discount for Seniors

As a senior traveler you will benefit from various discount offers on Madrid travel expenses like car rentals and hotels. However, you often have to prove that you are a member of a senior association.

15. Discount for Students

Are you a student? Then it is wise to bring your student ID. Especially students with widely accepted cards benefit from various discount offers on restaurants, lodgings and public transportation.

Don’t Let Money Stop You and Explore Madrid on a Budget

Do some research at forehand when you want to explore Madrid on a budget. There are always money-saving possibilities that not lower the fun.
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