10 Reasons Why You Should Read My Blog

10 reasons why you benefit from this blog

You are an (aspiring travel writer and you want to learn everything about this profession?

1. Writing tips for travel writers

Learn how to become a better travel writer. I have been a writer for many years. From my experience I can tell you that this is not always an easy profession. As a writer you will struggle daily with words and sentences. There are times when you feel lonely, bored and uninspired.

However, writing can also be a very rewarding if you know the right writing skills. It becomes especially rewarding when you are able to travel to exotic locations, while being paid to write about your experiences. On this blog I will teach you how to obtain the required travel writing skills.

2. Travel tips

I share my travel experiences with you so just let me make the mistakes

You can find information about this subject in the travel tips section

3. What to do, where to go

Tips on destinations, attractions, sites, countries etc. Learn at forehand what is interesting to write about.

4. Travel stories

Get inspired by humorous, adventures and exiting stories so that you take up your pen and bag to start traveling and writing

5. Lifestyle experiments

Improve yourself so that you become a better traveler and a  more healthy person.

6. Health

Learn how to keep yourself healthy on the road so that you can keep doing what your doing. A healthy traveler is a wealthy traveler.

7. Motivation

Get motivated by other travelers, learn motivation tips to keep doing what your doing.

8. Blogging

Learn everything about blogging and maintaining a website.

9. Income

Learn how to make money online and keep your travel writing business financially healthy.

10. Socializing

Learn how to socialize as well as online as offline.

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