10 Reasons Why You Should Not Read My Blog

10 reasons why you should avoid this blog

1. You do not like to get out of your comfort zone

2. You despise traveling and consider your home/neighborhood as the center of the world

3. You hate reading and especially about certain subject like travel, lifestyle experiments and writing

4. You hate writers and their.. words…

5. You have seen it all and your days of travelling are over

6. All these freedom travel articles overwhelm you with jealousy because you want to do the same but cant. Actually you can, maybe you should read my blog anyway?

7. You like to read blogs but you are not interested in subjects like writing advice, traveling advice and lifestyle experiments

8. You don’t like me and/or my writings. Yes it is possible

9. You prefer to write instead of to read about it

10. You prefer to travel instead of to read about it

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