Japan Specialist Travel

japantravelJapan specialist travel encompasses activities suitable for travellers who want more from there holiday than basic sightseeing. Japan travel agencies can help to find the travel opportunity you desire. If you’re looking for a holiday experience that is off the beaten path, contacting a specialist agent will provide access to niche travel in Japan.

Sport and Activity Tours

Hiking, cycling, diving and snowboarding are just some of the many adrenalin-based sport and activity tours available in Japan. For avid hikers, Japan’s forests and mountains provide perfect walking and viewing opportunities in Kirishima National Park and Mount Aso. Hiring a bicycle and doing an easy four-day cycling tour of the Izu Peninsula is a great way to enjoy Japan, while the 70 km Shimnami-Kaido will suit dedicated cyclists. For the ultimate in heart-thumping adventure you can choose to go skiing and snowboarding. Those are very popular activities and Japan offers visitors some excellent skiing from November until April.

Martial Arts Tours

Three professional Sumo tournaments are held each year in Japan. Professional Karate, Judo and Kendo tours are also held each year. Arranging a visit is possible via a specialist Japanese agency. A variety of tours are available depending on your budget, city of choice and interest.

Shinto and Buddhism Tours

Shinto, Buddhism and Zen teachings are an integral part of Japanese culture, and are viewed in terms of lifestyle rather than religion. If Japanese belief systems are the focus of your interest, it is possible to arrange specialist tours to Japan’s most important Shinto and Buddhist shrines. Many shrines or “jinja” are public but some families also keep private shrines. The Japanese belief systems emphasize editation and harmony with nature as principal ethics. Specialist retreats can be enjoyed by travellers to Japan.