How To Become A Successful Writer


How to become a successful writer.7 tips on how to become a successful writer

Do you want to become a successful writer? Keep in mind that writing is like any other job. You need to practice a lot to see results. As a writer, you spend one boring part of the day on writing words, and the other boring part on erasing them again.

Your writing career will not come of the ground before you start bleeding on the paper. However, don’t let that fact turn you off. Writing can be a lot of fun if you approach it correctly, and when you see positive results. Use these tips to become a successful writer.

1. Get out of your cave

Writing can be done alone, but you need others to become successful. So, at some point you need to get out of your writers cave. Cut off your beard, take a shower, dust off your clothes, and start networking with publishers, proofreaders, editors etc. You will need them eventually.

2. Join writing contests

At many writing contests, your work will be reviewed by experts. They often provide feedback, and If your are lucky they will recognize your talent. This can result in a nice price, a free publication or a new work connection with the experts.

3. Volunteer to gain credentials

I have done some interesting volunteer writing assignments. Similar paid jobs where difficult to find. Think digital signage and newspaper articles. Although unpaid, these jobs can help to gain writing credentials. Become a well known writer in your region, while supporting your community.

4. Constant practice

Like every job, if you want to become an expert, you need to practice a lot. Do not aspect that talent alone will take you to the top. It will make things easier, but what really makes a difference is your willingness to write and write and write.

5. Write with passion

For the sake of your sanity and career. Whatever topic you choose, make sure that you write about it with passion. If you don’t enjoy writing it, then your readers will not enjoy reading it. Lack of passion will lower your motivation, and then writing becomes a very boring job.

6. Attack your creation

A good writer spends more time on deleting then on creating. You have to be ruthless when it comes to erasing. It is important that you separate the indispensable sentences from the disposable ones. You will never become a successful writer if you are unable to do this.

7. To read or not to read?

To read or not to read? Opinions differ. I advice that you only read when you are not writing. During the writing process you need to depend on your own creativity. Read books when you are free. Learn about writing styles, word choices, character building and other writing related subjects.

You can do it!

Keep writing and do your best. Even if the odds are against you. Don’t get scared by the lack of talent. The world is full of untalented people who became successful by not giving up. With the right connections and the right mentality, you too can become a successful writer.

What kind of methods and tips do you use to become a successful writer? Do you read a lot of books or do you prefer to avoid them during the writing process? Which writer inspires you the most? 

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How To Improve Creative Writing


Pen and paper - How to improve creative writing6 tips on how to improve creative writing 

I create one sentence and then struggle to write down the next one. However, the paper stays hopelessly empty. There are no ideas popping up. After a while I start to fill the paper in a different way. I am so tired that my only sentence starts to float all over the paper. Then the individual letters start to wander of from the sentence, to do their own dance on the paper.

I slap my face and try to focus. But the tank is empty due to a lack of sleep. The hot temperature in the room makes it even worse. A drop of sweat from my forehead suddenly enters the dance on the paper. I slap myself again but I am to far gone. My creativity can not be shaken awake anymore. If only I had followed my creative six step diet..

1. Have enough sleep

Of course you know but I will say it again. Make sure you sleep at least seven hours per night. Lack of sleep will kill your motivation, productivity and creativity. Do not sleep less but also avoid sleeping to long. Both of those habits can make you lazy or tired.

2. Consume a proper diet

Another point I probably do not need to tell you. But actually doing it is not always easy. Do you live from your creativity? Then you need to take extra efforts to eat healthy and drink enough water. Healthy food and water are your thinking fuel. A healthy brain means less struggles on the paper, because you will be rewarded with more creativity. Think about that.

3. Work in a cool environment

At the moment I live in a hot environment and I have been struggling with my creativity and productivity ever since. The brain functions less when exposed to hot temperatures. As a result you will become more lazy and thus less productive. It is best that you work in a cool room, if you want to have the energy and creativity to finish a story.

4. Avoid distractions

Make sure you do not get distracted during the writing process. Once your imagination runs wild you do not want to return to the real world. Find a quiet writing space. Writing in the early morning or late in the evening can also help. At those moments you will less likely be distracted.

5. Take walks and power naps

Do you often feel dull and sleepy during your writing sessions? Are you suffering from a lack of creativity? Try to refresh your brain with a walk or a power nap. Some fresh air and a short sleep can give you new energy and inspiration. Recharge when you feel unproductive.

6. Avoid stressful thoughts 

Stressful thoughts will cause a distraction during the writing process. Empty your brain before you start writing. Then you will have the space to fill your mind with creative thoughts for your story. One way to make your brain empty is by doing a short mediation session before you start writing. Physical exercise such as cycling or walking can also help to empty your head.
Do you have any other tips on how to improve creative writing?
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Bad Writing For Beginners

Bad writing mood.How to succeed with bad writing

I often hear people say that they want to become a writer but don’t know how to start a story. When they sit down to write, nothing comes up. They just stare at a blank sheet or screen for a while and eventually give up, thinking they are not good at writing. However there are solutions to tackle this problem. One important lesson I learned, when becoming a writer, is the power of bad writing.

Bad writing

Often your writing skills are not the main problem in the beginning. The problem is that you don’t want to fail. You want to deliver something good. Now I can’t guarantee your story will be good. Talent does play a role and not everyone can eventually deliver a high quality story. But I am convinced that everyone can write a story. However, it is important that you don’t fear failure.

I can guarantee you that no writer, even if it is Stephen King or Dan Brown will write an perfect story instantly. Writers revise over and over again, and they use proof readers or editors to make their works better. There is no instant perfect story. Get rid of that thought when you want to write. First you have to do bad writing and build a frame, to get the ball rolling.

The sculptor 

Look at other art forms when you want to start bad writing. For example think about the sculptor and his rock. When he starts sculpting he first has this big ugly and rough looking rock. He starts working on cutting the rough pieces. Slowly his rough rock transforms into an elegant sculpture and eventually he can begin to work on the details.

Consider this ugly rock as you first version oft he story. Then you gradually start picking and making little details, and eventually you start seeing results and beauty. It is all about starting, once you have the frame you can ad pieces and start shaving and picking.

Bad writing saves you time

As an aspiring or experienced writer you must be familiar with the feeling of sitting in front of a white paper or a white screen. In your mind you are trying to come up with a story. However, time passes and nothing interesting pops up. If you are an aspiring writer who writes for fun then this is annoying, but for professional writers it might be a bigger problem.

Often the faster you write, the more you can earn. For example If you write for low earning sites like, creating articles fast is essential to make enough money for a living. You can not wast time by trying to form the article in your head. You need to start putting those words out on a screen or paper.

Building a frame 

I wrote a short story to give you guys an example of how bad writing can help you build a frame in a very short period. The time limit for this story was five minutes. I wrote it without thinking and just started rambling, with the sole purpose of building a frame for my future story. I did not make any revisions and did not stop to think about what I wrote.

A short example of bad writing

There once was a man who sat in a tree he was thinking why do i sit in this tree. I should be somewhere else right now, but where should I go. I could go to the river maybe, he thought, or I could go to the beach. But why should I visit a place with water. Maybe its much more nice to go to a place where there are plants and trees. I could go to the park or the forest. Maybe I even find a nice animal or some other people with the same thoughts as me. I can talk with them about trees and plants and beaches or rivers. O gosh the man thought there are the beaches and rivers again. I love water he thought. Then maybe I do should go to some place where there is water and maybe enjoy a nice swim. The man made a decision and started to climb down the tree. Slowly. It took him a long time it was an old tree. An old and big tree with large branches and a marvelous large beard of green leaves. The man often sat in this tree to think about his live and to talk with the birds in the tree. When the tree was in the mood then he also talked to the three. It was an Oak. The man liked to listen to the oak. It was a wise tree with a lot of live experience. It had seen the years come and go and had survived many seasons in its long live. Its roots where deep and its branches where high. The tree was connect to the earth the water and the sky. The man found this very fascinating and often fantasized about how it would be like to be a tree. It would be a good live maybe. Of course he would not know for sure.

Ignore your doubts

When I wrote this story I did not stop for a minute to think that my story did not make sense. That feeling can pop up easily. When building your frame you just have to ignore it and keep writing. Soon you find out how easy it is to come up with a story, when you just start rambling. Remember that having a bad story is already much better then having nothing at all.

Be surprised by your own story

After creating that short bad writing example, I got motivated to start forming it into complete story. Now I am curious to see what will happen next. Let yourself be surprised when writing. Don’t immediately start thinking about what will happen in the rest of the story. Just let it resolve while you are working on it. It will make it easier for you to start a story and you will have more fun.

Some tips

  • Remember to ramble at first when you start writing, worry about details or corrections later.
  • Bad writing can also help you overcome your writers blog.
  • Once you have your frame then gradually start making revisions.


Did you ever try to write something but then failed to come up with something? How did you deal with this problem?

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Benefits Of Travel Writing


Rooftop terrace Penang - my travel writing office.5 reasons why travel writing is awesome

There are many reasons why travel writing is a great job. I listed some of them in this article. If you are an aspiring travel writer then hopefully these benefits will motivate you to achieve your goal, or you might recognize some of them, if you already out there on the road.

1. Being location independent

Being location independent is one of the reasons why travel writing is so great. Over the years I have had many offices. Imagine the difference in feeling when you are sitting behind a desk in a boring cubicle, or you sit in a tropical bar while being surrounded by mountains and a lush green jungle.

Imagine sitting on the beach under a coconut tree. The waves roll quietly against the sand, a gentle sea breeze is playing with your hair, a gradually fading sun paints red and orange colors on the white clouds, its colorful creation reflected on the infinite ocean. Do I have to motivated you more? This is the main reason why I like travel writing. I still need to work but man the view in my office.

2. Being you own boss

There is nobody who is going to tell me what I need to do. I only need to close down my laptop when I want to to quit working, and then I often have to walk just a few steps till I reach my bed. I choose the time and duration of my breaks and I choose when I want to work. If I don’t want to work, then that is fine as well.

Yes sometimes I have deadlines for my articles, but that is only because I took the tasks. I really don’t have to if I don’t want to. I can choose my own work, and therefore I don’t need to do useless or frustrating tasks. I can not get fired and I also don’t have to dress appropriately. I can just work in my green monkey printed pajama while loudly singing Lady Gaga songs.

3. Great experiences

My most important assets are my experiences. The more exiting my travel experiences are, the more likely I will entertain my readers. Therefore I often go out looking for adventures, and because of my willingness to step into something crazy I usually succeed. I get to see beautiful places or meet extraordinary people. All amazing experiences, and it is great that I am able to document all those moments while travel writing.

4. documenting your live

I am able to document large parts of my live because I often write about my own experiences. Visiting my blog often makes me realize how much memorable things I already did, when I see that large number of posts. Of course without documenting I would have memories as well, but on my blog they become more touchable and visible, in great detail and in large numbers.

Reading my own blog makes me feel more satisfied about my live. Time flies and seemingly unimportant experiences can often been forgotten. Being able to document them is satisfying and gives my live more meaning. Time seems to slow down when I pay attention to details. Being able to remember the details, and not only the large chunks, is important for me. It is one of the reasons why I like to write .

5. Uncomplicated

I will not lie. Travel writing can be difficult. But it also has many benefits. I only need are a laptop and internet. I don’t need an office or expensive machines, and therefore I have a limited amount of taxes to do. I don’t like complicated work. However, as a writer, my main task is getting words onto a screen or a paper. It is not rocket science. Not at all.

What do you like about being a travel writer, or why do you want to become one? 


A real life approach to a fantasy world

I am still searching, in real life as well as with my website. Again I have decided to try a different approach. My main focus was on writing and learning about generating income, becoming financially independent was my first priority. This is still the case but now I would like to start writing about other important categories of life as well.

The motivation to do this came from a PC game I am playing. I realized that that game presented so many general aspects of real life and then I thought why not start working to improve those aspects in my real life and use the game as a guideline structure. Follow the same steps as I do in the game.

Most aspects of life that are written down below are all somehow present in the game as well as in every persons real life. However the skills that I describe are personal choices. For example in the game I can train engineering skills. I have no ambition to be an engineer in real life so I choose something else that interests me and fits my qualities. like for example writing or web design. I still think everybody can learn something from my preferred skills as well as from the other categories written below. They can all be improved to let us grow in life.


Skill 1. trading and selling (retail, own products)

At the moment I promote a lot of products for other people. Later on I hope to start selling my own products.

Skill 2. writing (creating content)

Writing can be a fun, creative and a healing process. Putting your thoughts and ideas on paper can empty your head. I write daily and build up a lot of content which I find really valuable.

Skill 3. First Aid

Learning how to care for someone in an emergency is really important. It is also important to prevent common risks and stay healthy. Learn how to stay healthy and how you can help yourself or others in case of an emergency.

Skill 4. Web design

Designing a website is addictive. It is great to see your site improve every day and there are many fun ways at how you can do that.

Skill 5. Acting

Acting is fun and it gives you the ability to step in to the mind of other people.

Other aspects of life


Don’t be afraid for the unknown, be brave and peek around the corner. Explore the planet. There is so much beauty in the world ready to be discovered. Read, travel, talk gain knowledge, meet new people and learn about other cultures and their values.

Physical activity (training)

Stay healthy and exercise regularly. Staying active gives you more energy and makes you happy.


Money is part of the game. You can hate it but you can’t go without it so you can better make the best of it. Don’t fight it, learn to love it. Make it your hobby to collect as much money as you can and solve that money problem once and for all so that you can fully focus on other important aspects of your life. The whole world is a monopoly game and hey you can play a lot of monopoly and become good at it right.


During your life you collect possessions. Try to minimize possessions to keep your self mobile and organized. Focus on buying quality items and learn to enjoy them.

Daily tasks

Small daily tasks that you have or want to do to. They could be tasks like cleaning your house but also things like meditating for 15 minutes.

General tasks

Tasks that need to be done, for example doing your taxes, your monthly visit to the barber or buying a new washing machine. Try to reward yourself for finishing a good amount of tasks.

Achievements and goals

Write down your goals and what you want to achieve in life. Today, tomorrow, next month that is up to you. It depends on what kind of deadlines you are comfortable with. Make sure you mix relatively easy goals with extremely difficult ones. Or cut difficult goals in smaller easier steps. The easy goals give you a boost while you work towards your bigger difficult goals. The difficult goals give you a challenge and keep you from becoming bored.


If you learn skills and do activities you gain experience. The more you know and learn to more experience you get. Keep track of what you learn and keep that gained knowledge up to date.


It became such an important part of our lives and now it really needs to put a step back. Organize your mail and set fixed times for when you check the mailbox. A seemingly small part of your life but a game changer if you do it correctly.


It is all about building up reputation. More reputation means more respect, more work offers, more friends etc.


It is important to socialize. Talk with your friends, family or relatives on a daily basis, visit them or give them a call or an email. Build up and manage your social network and you will gain so much benefits.

Dear reader, I am interested to hear about your preferred skills. Why did you choose them and what benefits did they give you? I am also interested to hear what your experiences are with the other categories. For example: which parts of the world did you explore or what are your most valuable possessions? Leave all your interesting responses in the comment section below.