Hans Rudolf Giger

In May 2012 I want to visit Switzerland. It looks like a beautiful country.
I am curious to discover it as a tourist but I also want to give my visit an art related goal. I find it interesting to discover what this country has to offer in the field of artists.

When looking for inspiring Swiss creators I find many interesting people like Alice Boner or Pipilotti_Rist but there is one person that immediately catches my attention. This artist is Hans Rudolf Giger. I think that many of you, including me, would not know the man when his name would drop but I am pretty sure you know one of his most famous creations.

Giger, is the creator of the ultimate film monster (in my eyes at least) namely Alien.
A legendary creature. So unbelievably horrifying, disgusting and ugly but yet so beautiful, strong and perfect. It serves Giger right that he earned an Oscar for Best Achievement for Visual Effects for his design work.

Reminiscing about Alien I start to think of my childhood years. I remember my dad letting me secretly watch the Alien movies with him, something my Mom was not supposed to know. That outer space freak was probably one of the first motion picture monsters who intrigued and scared me. The horrible scenes combined with that dark empty space. Facing a problem like that in such a place seemed such a hopeless situation to me.

Strangely those childhood years where almost the only times I actually watched Alien but my love for (sci-fi) movies was born. Alien became old and overtaken by bigger more spectacular monsters but I always keep a special place for this creature. No that place is not my belly, for those of you who starting to be scared.

I am inspired and motivated to learn more about the man who created this famous monstrosity. Who inspired him? Where is he living now? Is he still creating beautiful horrifying things? So many questions..

I hope to find answers during my research period and my visit to Switzerland. Looking at Giger’s Wikipedia page (where else to start) I discover that his art is being displayed in the H.R. Gigermuseum in Gruyères Switzerland. I immediately mark that city on my list of places I want to visit during my travel. What an exiting journey it is going to be.

Do you know Hans Rudolf Giger and his work or did you ever watched the Alien movies? Let me know what you think of Gigers art or his famous creation Alien. I am very interested in your reaction. You can write it down in the section below this post.