Hipmunk City Love: Best Of Austin Sustainable Hotels



Sustainability is important in Austin, Texas. Long dry seasons especially stress the need for effective water conservation. This strong focus on sustainability can also be found in many of Austin’s hotels. They are suitable accommodation options if you care about luxury, comfort, and your ecological footstep. Here are seven of the best green Austin hotels.

1. Hotel San Jose

Hotel San Jose is a true hipster and eco-friendly hotspot. It has become a favorite place for celebrities because of its calm, nature-themed atmosphere. The hotel’s landscape design stands out because of the lush variety of drought-friendly plants around the building. The hotel itself is thoughtfully renovated with various recovered materials.

2. W. Austin

The W. Austin is an excellent choice for responsible travelers. Modern technologies and sustainability methods blend successfully in this eco-friendly hotel. Lights and thermostats have smart motion detectors. These detectors cut the energy output by turning off lights or adjusting the temperature when they don’t detect any movements. The hotel also serves organic food from local sources and recycling bins are in every room.

3. Habitat Suites

Habitat Suites uses solar panels to generate energy. The hotel garden is not poisoned by pesticides and toxic fertilizers. Instead, the hotel uses an army of hungry ladybugs. Garbage goes in provided recycling bins. Toilets and showers are on water-saving mode. Trees around the hotel create a cool shade and cut air conditioning costs.

4. Four Seasons Hotel Austin

The Four Season Hotel Austin serves healthy, organic food. Water and electricity conservation are also important sustainable focus points for this hotel. The beautiful hotel garden is a toxic free green zone, making it a suitable place to relax.

5. The Hyatt Place Austin Downtown

The Hyatt Place Austin Downtown educates its guests and its staff about various sustainable practices. Light bulbs in the hotel burn efficiently with the help of energy tracking systems. Recycling and waste reduction are also encouraged. The hotel reuses its linen and its towels.

6. Hyatt Regency Austin

Clean and healthy water is an important part of the Hyatt Regency Austin service. They have reduced the amount of unnatural cleaning chemicals in their swimming pool. Instead, the hotel uses a healthier, eco-friendly saline-based cleaning method. Laundry detergents are also eco-friendly. The hotel restaurant serves purified water. Grease from the kitchen becomes biofuel.

7. Wyndham Garden Hotel Austin

As with many other sustainable hotels in Austin, the Wyndham Garden Hotel Austin focuses on recycling, energy conservation and eco-friendly products. It banned Styrofoam, reuses much of the laundry water, and creates biofuel from recycled grease. There are recycling bins near the pool and in public areas.

A Sustainable Accommodation Stay in an Eco-friendly City

Austin, Texas, is a perfect destination if you are looking to stay in a sustainable accommodation. Hotel rates are sometimes a little higher than at typical hotels in Austin,Texas, but that is a price worth paying if you consider the excellent sustainable benefits these green hotels have to offer.
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