Hipmunk City Love: A Guide to Los Angeles Theme Parks

Los Angeles Theme Parks

Los Angeles is a top destination for theme park lovers. This California city houses some of the world’s most famous amusement parks, like Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood. It is also the home of lesser known, but equally charming and attractive parks like Knott’s Berry Farm and Pacific Park. The real thrill seekers will be pleasantly surprised with the Six Flags Magic Mountain rides, which rattle the bones, tickle the nerves, and mess up the hair. Here is an overview of entertaining Los Angeles theme parks.

1. Disneyland Park

The grand dame of all Los Angeles theme parks lies in Anaheim. Disneyland Park is a dream destination for kids around the world. Travelers can plan a whole vacation around this theme park alone. Disneyland is famous for its spectacular parades, colorful fireworks shows, Disney characters and iconic rides like Space Mountain and the Indiana Jones Adventure. It is a must-see for every theme park lover.

2. Universal Studios Hollywood

Famous Universal Studios Hollywood is a good reason to visit Los Angeles. Travelers visit an active movie studio and are pleasantly entertained with movie-themed attractions. They also get to see some of the sound stages and back lots. The Comfort Inn Near Universal Studios Hollywood provides convenient hotel rooms for travelers who like to sleep near the place where stars are born.

3. Knott’s Berry Farm

Vacationers who like to avoid the big crowds should head over to the lesser known, but locally beloved, Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park. It prides itself as being the first theme park in the United States. This park is cheaper than Disneyland, and it offers more rides and lesser crowds. It is a place that caters to the needs of young children and older kids.

4. Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain occupies a spot in Valencia. It is the most intense theme park in Los Angeles due to its high concentration of thrilling rides. Older kids might have fun in showing off their courage, but their parents better stay at home. Watching your kids riding the Six Flags curly monsters might be equally nerve-wracking. Parents should also not expect to go home quickly, as this theme park has the most roller coasters in the world.

5. Pacific Park 

Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier is a kid-friendly collection of amusing carnival rides. Visitors do not have to pay an admission fee. They can buy separate tickets per ride. The best attractions in Pacific Park are the solar-powered Ferris Wheel and the climbing wall. Santa Monica Pier is a nice destination for a full-day family trip because it also houses an aquarium, restaurants, and a trapeze school.

The Perfect Los Angeles Theme Parks Vacation for the Whole Family

Los Angeles offers a variety of amazing theme park options, from scary roller coaster strongholds to cute fantasy worlds, and from a charming carnival pier to the universe of the stars. Parents, youngsters, and little children will have an unforgettable vacation when they travel to the City of Angels.
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Hipmunk City Love: Enjoying a Family Vacation in Savannah


Families who travel to the state of Georgia should definitely pay a visit to its oldest city. The coastal port of Savannah is an ideal destination for a memorable family trip. There are countless recreational options for kids and their parents. Families can relax on the beach, dine in kid-friendly restaurants, experience adventurous outdoor trips, take part in sport activities, or visit museums and historical buildings. From old to young, every family member will find something of interest in Savannah, Georgia. Here are some of the best sights and attractions that this pleasant city has to offer.

Family Outdoor Adventures

There are plenty of outdoor attractions in and around Savannah. The Oatland Island Wildlife Center on Sandtown Road is the perfect spot to see indigenous plants and animals like bobcats, alligators, and bison. This wildlife center organizes various child-oriented programs. Families can also join the Dolphin Magic Tours. On these tours, you will travel by boat along Savannah’s beautiful riverfront where you can spot famous Savannah sights like Fort Pulaski National Monument and Old Fort Jackson. Families who want to take part in other water-oriented activities can also sign up for an adventurous kayak tour.

Other Activities for Families

The Georgia State Railroad Museum is an attraction that triggers the playful excitement of children and their parents. One of the highlights at this attraction is the possibility to experience a historic ride on one of the diesel or steam engines. Families also get to see railcar collections and demonstrations. Travelers who are more into ships should visit the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum. This museum showcases maritime antiques and ship models. Exhibitions focus on the important sea trade periods of the 18th and 19th centuries. Vacationers learn more about Savannah and its community at the Savannah History Museum.

Family Friendly Restaurants

From yogurt cups with creative toppings to delicious chicken fingers and personally designed pies, Savannah is a true paradise for food lovers of all ages. That might seem like a cliché, but travelers quickly realize that they are in heaven when they walk into B&D Burgers and see that they can choose from more than 170 different burgers. Other restaurants that make travelers feel like they ended up in a culinary Disneyland are the Whistle Stop Cafe and The Pirates’ House. Both of these themed restaurants are excellent dining spots for children.

Family Friendly Hotels

An ideal vacation in the beautiful city of Savannah also requires the perfect accommodation. As with the various entertaining sights and attractions, there are also countless comfortable and family-friendly Savannah Hotels which will suit the needs of parents and their accompanying children.

Fun for the Family

With a variety of recreational opportunities and equally attractive hotels, your family will have a wonderful time in Savannah. While visiting this lovely city, you will not only get to enjoy its urban sites but also its scenic natural areas. Numerous delicious restaurants and exciting theater shows will complete your feeling of satisfaction.
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5 Things You Can Do In MBK Shopping Center Bangkok


5 things you can do in the MBK shopping center5 things you can do at the MBK Center

Bangkok has many shopping malls. One particularly interesting mall is MBK (Mahboonkrong). It is located in the city center next to the BTS Sky Train Station (National Stadium). This place offers a huge amount of products, which are being sold for more affordable prices then at its luxurious neighbors Siam Paragon and Emporium.

It is an interesting place for tourists. You can buy souvenirs, clothes, phone accessories and many other products. Fill you tummy with one of the available delicious meals, entertain yourself with video games and movies or choose to make your visit a lifelong memory by getting a tattoo in one the many available tattoo shops. This is a list of the top 5 things you can do at this location.

5. Entertainment

You can find many forms of entertainment at MBK. For example there is a Muay Thai fight night every Wednesday. The center also offers an entertainment section at the 7th floor. These entertainment options include a bowling alley, a movie theater and a games section. Enough options to avoid the outside heat for a while.

4. Shoes and clothes

MBK is basically a market like any other in Bangkok. However, the benefit of this market is that you can avoid the heat because you shop inside. It is an excellent location for if you need some extra shoes and clothes. The prices are reasonable and the quality of the products is great. There are many shops, so you can roam around for hours and find your perfect outfit.

3. Mobile phones and accessorizes

You can also go to the MBK shopping center to buy a variety of mobile phones and matching accessorizes. The shops who sell these goods are located at the 4th floor. They sell products like mobile phones, phone covers, SIM cards, headsets and many other accessories. At this floor you will also find a variety of other electronic products like DVD players and MP3 players.

5 things you can do in the MBK Shopping Center

2. Tattoos

Do you want to get a tattoo in Thailand? There are many shady shops which can pinch a permanent painting into your skin. However, if you prefer clean and safe then I recommend that you get your tattoo done at a shop in MBK. There are many tattoo shop located at the 7th floor.

1. The food court

Food lovers should definitely pay a visit to the Fifth Avenue food court. Not exactly cheap but the available meals are very delicious. The food court offers cuisines from various countries like Mexico, India, China, Greece and Italy. All these international meals make it a very convenient place to choose your food. The food court also offers delicious and healthy fruit juices. Absolutely a must go if you are a food lover.

Lets go shopping!

Do you love shopping? Then you should definitely pay a visit the Mahboonkrong shopping mall when you go to Bangkok. Make sure you have enough time available. Roaming around at this shopping Mecca can take some time. You will most likely get a little lost, but that is alright because after every corner you will find a new surprise that can make your shopping hart rise.

Did you go to the Mahboonkrong Center in Bangkok?  What was your reason for visiting this place? Did you do any of the 5 things that I described?

Overview of MBK shopping center

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japantravelJapan specialist travel encompasses activities suitable for travellers who want more from there holiday than basic sightseeing. Japan travel agencies can help to find the travel opportunity you desire. If you’re looking for a holiday experience that is off the beaten path, contacting a specialist agent will provide access to niche travel in Japan.

Sport and Activity Tours

Hiking, cycling, diving and snowboarding are just some of the many adrenalin-based sport and activity tours available in Japan. For avid hikers, Japan’s forests and mountains provide perfect walking and viewing opportunities in Kirishima National Park and Mount Aso. Hiring a bicycle and doing an easy four-day cycling tour of the Izu Peninsula is a great way to enjoy Japan, while the 70 km Shimnami-Kaido will suit dedicated cyclists. For the ultimate in heart-thumping adventure you can choose to go skiing and snowboarding. Those are very popular activities and Japan offers visitors some excellent skiing from November until April.

Martial Arts Tours

Three professional Sumo tournaments are held each year in Japan. Professional Karate, Judo and Kendo tours are also held each year. Arranging a visit is possible via a specialist Japanese agency. A variety of tours are available depending on your budget, city of choice and interest.

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