10 ways to earn money

rsz_moneyI did a lot of brainstorming and research the last couple of days but now I can finally show the projects I want to start earning money with. Here they are.

1. Customers

I have my own online marketing company and I want to keep working for my self. That is why I find it very important to keep looking for new customers and projects. I am mainly looking for online marketing related projects but if something different comes a long and I believe I can do it then I take a shot at it.

2. Salary paid job

I don’t want to work for a boss and it is not a good idea to have a salary job but unfortunately I don’t make enough money yet to say goodbye to that part of life.

3. First Aid Instructor

I invested in the Emergency First Response course and became an instructor. Unfortunately I have not been active as a instructor after that. I want to change that and start teaching people how to help others in need.

4. The 4-hour work week

To important and exiting to be left out of my list. The 4-hour work week is a book written by author Timothy Ferris. He explains how to escape the 9-5 live and join the new rich. I have been studying this book for some time and I believe the methods and idea’s that are explained are great. It is a book that teaches me how to earn a lot of money and spend less time doing it. That is why I decided to list it as one of my money making projects.

5. Acting

I have been acting a lot in the past but it slowly slipped away from my life. Now I regret that and I want to start acting again because I always enjoyed doing it. Who knows maybe I can earn some money with it as well.

6. Websites

The last year I have become very interested in how to make money with a website. I am testing various method’s to achieve this and keep on doing that in the future.

7. eBay and other online auction houses

When I was playing the game World of Warcraft I got inspired by the online auction house that is being used in the game. I managed to raise a lot of fake gold by selling products on that auction house. Now I want to find out if I can achieve the same results with real money on auction sites like eBay.

8. Trade Binary options

Something I did not know about but which I want to try just for the fun of it.

9. Online surveys

If you find the right surveys then this can be a fun job to earn some extra pocket money.

10. World of Warcraft Guild

Another Idea I got from World of Warcraft. I have been playing the game fore a while and I have been a successful guild (group) leader. I started to realize that having a guild is an excellent and quick way to form a community and that can result in income as well.

Work method and planning

This is how I use the list on my daily schedule.
I have giving them priorities where as 1 is the highest priory and 10 the lowest.
Before the day ends I make my planning for the next day. Remember that planning the day ahead is really important. It will keep you on track and prevents you from running around like a headless chicken all day. I look at the above list and think of a task for every subject on the list and write them down till I have 10 tasks on my list. The most important task have priority and end up on the start of my to do list. During the day I work on all the tasks.

Rating the day

I have been reading about the advice that you should only have a limited of priorities and tasks on a day. No more then 2 priority tasks, no more then 5 projects to focus on. I do not completely follow that advice because I have found a work method that I am satisfied with. A system which helps me to be productive and yet prevents me from doing to much on a day.

For my work method I use the old school grading’s. In my country when you managed to get a 6 for you work or test then that was a sufficient grade. So now when I complete 6 items on my list I can be satisfied for the day and stop working.

Of course there are people that think 6 is still very low for a grade. At school this was certainly not the case for me but not any more. I am on a development yourney to success and success does not come with a decent 6. Today I am more satisfied with an 8 or 9 and I strive for that 10.

Over time I have found pleasure in this system. It gives me a way of grading the day. It lets me know if I was productive enough. If you keep track on the numbers than you can really see when you are slacking down or when your going up on the ladder of productivity. If you want to make it even more competitive for yourself then you could also strive to have a average grade at the end of the month for example an 8. Why not, aim high!

That is it for now. The next time I will explain more about my list of income generating ideas so make sure to come back here as I will start putting links to the projects on this page.

In the meantime I am very interested what you guys think about my list and my grading idea. Try it out for a couple of days. I would love to hear about your experiences. I am also interested in your top 10 money making list. Leave all your interesting responses in the comment section below.