Where to Hike During a Breckenridge Outdoor Vacation

Scenic landscapes during a Breckenridge outdoor vacation

Breckenridge is a historic town in Colorado, United States. It is a beautiful destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. You can visit this place to undertake a variety of outdoor activities. Depending on the season, you will have the opportunities to go fly fishing, mountain biking, skiing, and hiking. A hike is a perfect way of experiencing the beautiful nature of Breckenridge. You will see exquisite wildflowers, alpine lakes, Aspen groves, and various magnificent views during your Breckenridge outdoor vacation.

Preparing for a Breckenridge Hike

Plan to start your hike early and make good use of the daylight. You will marvel at the stunning environment that Breckenridge has to show you. However, keep in mind that mountainous environments are also very unpredictable. By starting early, you also avoid the thunderstorms that often plague the area during midday.

It is very important that you stay hydrated during your hike. Therefore, it is strongly advised to bring a lot of water. Make sure that you also bring some food to recharge your energy levels. It is also really important that you wear layers of clothes due to the unpredictable changes in the weather. In just a few minutes, the temperature can drop severely. Put some gloves and a hat in your backpack before the hike.

Available Breckenridge Hikes

There are various scenic hikes that you can choose during your Breckenridge outdoor vacation. They vary in length and in difficulty, but all of them offer a unique outdoor experience.


If you are looking for an easy hike, then Spruce Creek Loop is a good option. During this 4-mile trail, you walk through a beautiful forest, and you enjoy a scenic view of the mountains in the area. The Spruce Creek Loop trail is also popular among cross-country skiers during the winter. This trail starts on Spruce Creek Road.


The Blue Lakes-Monte Cristo Gulch trail is a good example of a moderate hike. You will be pleasantly surprised by the view if you reach the old mining spot after 2.5 miles. This site also gives you a beautiful view on the surrounding alpine lakes. The scenic Blue Lakes-Monte Cristo Gulch trail starts at Blue Lakes Road.


The Quandary Peak trail is more challenging because it takes you up to 3,305 feet on Quandary peak. This is one of the higher mountains in Colorado (14.000+ feet). The trail is roughly 6 miles long and starts on Country Road 851. Expect to hike for about 4 to 10 hours if you take this route. Many hikers especially enjoy the challenging winter hike to Quandary Peak.

Where to Stay During a Breckenridge Outdoor Vacation

If you want to enjoy an adventurous hiking vacation in scenic Colorado, than you can choose from a range of luxurious or cheap hotels in Breckenridge. They offer you a chance to relax and prepare for your next day of hiking. One very cozy accommodation option is the Hyatt Main Street Station by Wyndham Vacation Rentals.

If mountains and hiking are your thing, than you will definitely have a wonderful time during a Breckenridge outdoor vacation.


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Hipmunk City Love: Where to Go for Boston Outdoor Activities

Boston Statue

When you’re in Boston for a city trip, make sure to schedule some healthy and enjoyable outdoor activities. The capital of Massachusetts has some lovely parks and islands. During the year, these outdoor locations often turn into entertaining gathering spots for kids and adults.

Boston Common Frog Pond

The public park known as Boston Common is the oldest in the United States. It is a perfect destination for an outdoor city trip because it offers fun activities all year round. Glide over the ice rink in the winter, look at your reflection in the fall and spring pool, or take your kids to the carousel and the spray pool in the summer. Watch them enjoy the water and the warm temperatures while you relax and sip a drink at the Frog Pond Café. You’ll also find movie nights, puppet shows, and yoga sessions in the park.

Boston Public Garden

Boston Public Garden is a lush urban oasis. Created in 1837, it is the country’s oldest botanical garden open to the public. Once there, make sure to take a ride on the charming swan boats. These elegant vessels have been an important part of the park’s lagoon for more than 100 years. The Public Garden is also a wonderful place to stroll around and enjoy the impressive and diverse flower collections or the graceful statues and fountains.

Boston Harbor Islands

The Boston Harbor Islands, which dot the Boston shoreline, form a wonderful national park. There are more than 20 lush peninsulas and islands that cater to the needs of explorers, campers, and nature enthusiasts. Pick one that suits your needs and enjoy the scenery. Activities on the island include hiking, picnicking, and swimming. The lowering sun creates a perfect photo opportunity when it starts to paint the water with its late afternoon sunbeams.

Emerald Necklace

Head over to the Emerald Necklace if you are a bird lover. This landscape consists of marshes, woodlands, and open spaces, making it an ideal spot for Boston’s flying residents. The Emerald Necklace Bird Club provides you with all the guidance and information that you need to fully enjoy the birds in this beautiful chain of parks.

ParkARTS Activities

Every summer, the Park Department organizes the ParkARTS program with the intention to connect visitors and locals with cultural elements. There are various ParkARTS activities organized in public parks, including painting sessions, Shakespeare plays, and photography workshops. Music bands are also present to create that extra electric summer vibe. Make sure to book one of the great Boston hotels near the parks so you don’t miss out on all the action.

Entertainment for Everyone in Every Season

With countless island and park recreation opportunities all year round, a visit to Boston’s outdoor areas will never be boring. There are tons of exciting activities and sights for the young, old, active, and creative. Summer is by far the best period to visit Boston, as it is a season full of festivities.

There’s no bad time to visit Boston, as long as you can fit a few outdoor activities into your plans.
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Hipmunk City Love: Enjoying a Family Vacation in Savannah


Families who travel to the state of Georgia should definitely pay a visit to its oldest city. The coastal port of Savannah is an ideal destination for a memorable family trip. There are countless recreational options for kids and their parents. Families can relax on the beach, dine in kid-friendly restaurants, experience adventurous outdoor trips, take part in sport activities, or visit museums and historical buildings. From old to young, every family member will find something of interest in Savannah, Georgia. Here are some of the best sights and attractions that this pleasant city has to offer.

Family Outdoor Adventures

There are plenty of outdoor attractions in and around Savannah. The Oatland Island Wildlife Center on Sandtown Road is the perfect spot to see indigenous plants and animals like bobcats, alligators, and bison. This wildlife center organizes various child-oriented programs. Families can also join the Dolphin Magic Tours. On these tours, you will travel by boat along Savannah’s beautiful riverfront where you can spot famous Savannah sights like Fort Pulaski National Monument and Old Fort Jackson. Families who want to take part in other water-oriented activities can also sign up for an adventurous kayak tour.

Other Activities for Families

The Georgia State Railroad Museum is an attraction that triggers the playful excitement of children and their parents. One of the highlights at this attraction is the possibility to experience a historic ride on one of the diesel or steam engines. Families also get to see railcar collections and demonstrations. Travelers who are more into ships should visit the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum. This museum showcases maritime antiques and ship models. Exhibitions focus on the important sea trade periods of the 18th and 19th centuries. Vacationers learn more about Savannah and its community at the Savannah History Museum.

Family Friendly Restaurants

From yogurt cups with creative toppings to delicious chicken fingers and personally designed pies, Savannah is a true paradise for food lovers of all ages. That might seem like a cliché, but travelers quickly realize that they are in heaven when they walk into B&D Burgers and see that they can choose from more than 170 different burgers. Other restaurants that make travelers feel like they ended up in a culinary Disneyland are the Whistle Stop Cafe and The Pirates’ House. Both of these themed restaurants are excellent dining spots for children.

Family Friendly Hotels

An ideal vacation in the beautiful city of Savannah also requires the perfect accommodation. As with the various entertaining sights and attractions, there are also countless comfortable and family-friendly Savannah Hotels which will suit the needs of parents and their accompanying children.

Fun for the Family

With a variety of recreational opportunities and equally attractive hotels, your family will have a wonderful time in Savannah. While visiting this lovely city, you will not only get to enjoy its urban sites but also its scenic natural areas. Numerous delicious restaurants and exciting theater shows will complete your feeling of satisfaction.
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Japan Specialist Travel

japantravelJapan specialist travel encompasses activities suitable for travellers who want more from there holiday than basic sightseeing. Japan travel agencies can help to find the travel opportunity you desire. If you’re looking for a holiday experience that is off the beaten path, contacting a specialist agent will provide access to niche travel in Japan.

Sport and Activity Tours

Hiking, cycling, diving and snowboarding are just some of the many adrenalin-based sport and activity tours available in Japan. For avid hikers, Japan’s forests and mountains provide perfect walking and viewing opportunities in Kirishima National Park and Mount Aso. Hiring a bicycle and doing an easy four-day cycling tour of the Izu Peninsula is a great way to enjoy Japan, while the 70 km Shimnami-Kaido will suit dedicated cyclists. For the ultimate in heart-thumping adventure you can choose to go skiing and snowboarding. Those are very popular activities and Japan offers visitors some excellent skiing from November until April.

Martial Arts Tours

Three professional Sumo tournaments are held each year in Japan. Professional Karate, Judo and Kendo tours are also held each year. Arranging a visit is possible via a specialist Japanese agency. A variety of tours are available depending on your budget, city of choice and interest.

Shinto and Buddhism Tours

Shinto, Buddhism and Zen teachings are an integral part of Japanese culture, and are viewed in terms of lifestyle rather than religion. If Japanese belief systems are the focus of your interest, it is possible to arrange specialist tours to Japan’s most important Shinto and Buddhist shrines. Many shrines or “jinja” are public but some families also keep private shrines. The Japanese belief systems emphasize editation and harmony with nature as principal ethics. Specialist retreats can be enjoyed by travellers to Japan.


Promo video: a walk on the Zuiderdijk

Some time ago I walked via the beautiful path from Hoorn to Enkhuizen via the Zuiderdijk. This old dike is placed in the Dutch province of Noor-Holland and provides a pleasant walking or cycling experience. The tortuous path along the  water brings you to sceneries where history, nature and culture connect in a beautiful way. Read my blog article for a full trip report.


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