5 Healthy Sights and Activities in the Green City of Vancouver


Travelers who decide to stroll on less traveled roads in Vancouver, will often end up in beautiful and lush parks. Their eyes will enjoy the view of the wild ocean, the snow-covered mountains, and the vast wetlands. Their face will enjoy the cool sea breeze, and their mind will sparkle because of the exciting feeling of adventure. Those who like to exercise will find pleasure in the countless hiking, swimming, tennis, and golfing opportunities in the city’s parks and neighborhoods.

1. Commercial Drive 

Commercial Drive is a neighborhood full of shops and farmer’s markets. Some of those shops include music stores and bookshops. Commercial Drive is also loved because of its culinary diversity. Dishes from all over the world are available in various charming restaurants. Also visit this neighborhood during festivals like the Parade of Lost Souls, and the Vancouver International Fringe Festival.

2. Everett Crowley Park

Everrett Crowley Park is a delight for adventurous city dwellers. Follow the park trails and enjoy the surrounding nature in the form of plants, trees, local wildlife, and a pond. This park in southeast Vancouver also offers its visitors a view over the Fraser River. Try to spot Mount Baker and the Gulf Islands when the weather is clear.

3. Ambleside Pitch and Putt

Head over to the Ambleside Pitch and Putt for a laid-back day of golf. This golf club in West Vancouver offers friendly prices and a beautiful course that is easily accessible from the nearby beach. In between golf swings, golfers will also enjoy the view of Stanley Park and Lions Gate Bridge. Search for nearby Vancouver Hotels in the West Vancouver neighborhood for an excellent beach and golf vacation.

4. New Brighton Park

New Brighton Park in the Hastings-Sunrise district is a perfect spot for active travelers. They can swim in the refreshing outdoor pool, play soccer on one of the large fields, or stroll along the scenic walking trails. The park also houses tennis courts, playgrounds, and picnic areas. The nearby Rosedale On Robson Suite Hotel is a great place to relax after an intensive day of activities.

5. The Sanctuary at Hastings Park 

The Sanctuary at Hastings Park is a delightful place for bird lovers and hikers. It houses a marsh area and lake, which are both excellent living and resting spots for countless species of birds. However, this park offers more than only birds. It is also a place where culture meets nature in the form of charming Japanese and Italian gardens. Fountains, statues, and plants form the decorations of these gardens.

Where Urban Meets Nature 

Vancouver is a city that appreciates nature. Travelers notice the strong natural identity of this city when they start walking around and discover a large variety of beautiful parks. A lot of these parks are popular gathering spots for tourists and locals, but those travelers who follow the less traveled paths will often end up on walking trails in unexplored parks. A lot of those parks are not occupied by tourists but by the local wildlife. In these parks, vacationers will find many forms of entertainment in the form of sports, wildlife spotting, and other outdoor activities.

4 more reasons why you should visit Thailand


4 more reasons why you should visit Thailand. Like for example temples.4 more reasons to put Thailand on your travel list

Are you planning a trip to Asia? Don’t forget to put Thailand on your travel list. There are many reasons why this country is a great travel destination. In a previous article I already talked about 4 of those reasons. In this article you will find 4 more reasons why you should visit this kingdom in Southeast Asia.

4. Nature

Thailand provides many options for nature lovers. Even in the cities you can find beautiful green gems. Many Thai cities have parks which are clean and quiet oases in the noisy and polluted concrete jungles. You can also visit many beautiful beaches, national parks, mountains, rice fields, caves and jungles.

Visit Chang Mai and cool down at the many surrounding mountains, which are the starting point of the Himalaya’s, or take a hike to the beautiful waterfalls in Kanchanaburi. Recommendable nature spots for city dwellers are for example Bung Ta lau Park in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) and Lumpini Park in Bangkok.

3. Transportation services

When traveling around you can choose a wide variety of transportation options. Those options include minivans, buses, boats and trains. Prices for these forms of transportation are cheap. Long distance travel within the country becomes much more convenient when you take a cheap flight. More and more budget airlines offer flights to many destinations in the country. All these options make it easy and affordable to travel.

In Bangkok you can use the very comfortable sky train and subway system’s. These transportation options make it easy to avoid the many traffic jams. If you do prefer to travel on the road, then you can choose one of the many taxi’s. They are also very affordable if you ask the driver to turn on the meter.

2. Medical care

The excellent medical care facilities and services are another reason why I love going to Thailand so much. This country offers one of the best medical services in the region. Chances are you are being transported to Thailand when you get a medical problem in one of the surrounding countries like Cambodia or Laos.

Especially Bangkok offers a variety of excellent hospitals. Many of them are specialized in certain healthcare issues, like for example eye care or medical care for children. Hospitals costs differ from very low to very high, which means that the more you pay the better service you will get. You will also find many pharmacy’s in Thailand. The staff of these pharmacy’s is often well educated and they can give you good advice in English.

1. Temples

If you are into Buddhism and temples then Thailand is a must see country. You will find a huge amount of temples in this kingdom. There are many busy touristic ones but there are also many hidden temples, who rarely get any touristic visitors. You can find many of  those temples in local neighborhoods or in the countryside.

Did you ever travel to Thailand? What was the most memorable moment of your trip?


Promo video: a walk on the Zuiderdijk

Some time ago I walked via the beautiful path from Hoorn to Enkhuizen via the Zuiderdijk. This old dike is placed in the Dutch province of Noor-Holland and provides a pleasant walking or cycling experience. The tortuous path along the  water brings you to sceneries where history, nature and culture connect in a beautiful way. Read my blog article for a full trip report.


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A walk on The Zuiderdijk

The Zuiderdijk

Today, nature is filling the spot in my agenda. It is time for a walk. One filled with history. My trip will bring me from the old harbour town of Hoorn, over a beautiful old dike, and into the old town of Enkhuizen. Officially the dike is named The Zuiderdijk van Drechterland and its a part of the Westfriese Omringdijk in Noord-Holland (a province of The Netherlands). Construction work on the dike (to make it stronger) has recently been finished.  I am curious to see the results. Dikes are important in The Netherlands because they have been keeping us safe from the water for many years. A dike is also a great place to escape the busy city. Let the wind blow away your everyday thoughts. Having it replaced with the serenity of nature.

Birth Country

I wake up especially early to be able to enjoy the warm orange and yellow colours of the rising sun, scratching the cold deep blue sheets of water and sky. The dike is birth country and they are particularly active during the early stages of the day. Probably looking for water or already returning from their drink. They fly around in large groups. Hundreds of bird wings scratching the morning sky but not once do they hit each other. A great spectacle. It is no wonder this area is popular with bird watchers.

Sunlight paints the surface of the sky which results in long orange stripes slowly fading into bigger clouds. Al the time the birds keep flying over my head. Looking at their early dance in the sky I am amazed how quickly the light changes and night flows into day. The suns early light is a reflective dance on the waves. They  are curling around the rough stones at the shoreline. Nature awakes from its sleep. Water, trees, animals, everything comes alive.


Beautiful old farms with carefully maintained gardens flank the dike all along its path.
Walking the +/- 15 KM path to Enkhuizen I recognize many landmarks and walk from one to the next. I pass many farms, small harbours, windmills and light towers. The road, sometimes still messy from the construction work, curls its way along the shoreline. One curve after another till it reaches the town of Enkhuizen. There it will pass over its protective role to a larger but much younger companion, the Houtribdijk, which connects Enkhuizen with Lelystad.

What is your favourite nature spot to escape from the busy city life? Have you ever visited the Zuiderdijk or are you planning to visit it in the future? Leave your interesting responses in the comment section below.

La nature dans la ville

Did you have a busy day?
Come take a break from your stressful life to visit me. I am the beautiful Parc des Bastions and I offer you a place to relax and to enjoy nature in the city.

Settle down it the grass for a nap or have a walk along my collection of fountains, statues and trees. When all that relaxing makes you hungry or thirsty then you can visit the pavilion restaurant. If you love board games and your up to some serious strategic thinking then I offer you a chance to play life-size chess and checkers in the game area.

There is a lot more thinking that takes place on my grounds.
My park is an area for study because the first university of Geneva is standing here. That university was founded by John Calvin. What an influence that man has been for this city. Therefore he is honoured and remembered with a place on the Mur de la Reformation. That is a monument which is build in my park. His statue is standing at the centre of the Wall next to other important founders of the Reformation, like John Knox, Theodore Beza and William Farel. The monumental wall was built in 1909 to celebrate John Calvin’s 400th birthday and the 350th anniversary of the university. It is placed into the old city walls.

I always enjoy it when the university students use my park for relaxation and outdoor activities. All those ambitious young people give me a real buzz. I, at my turns, offer them a place where they can rest their busy minds. Yes I am quite a peaceful place and I hope I can keep it that way for a very long time.

Don’t forget to pay attention to my dear brothers and sisters when visiting Geneva. There is the lovely Jardin Anglais, where you can find a beautiful flower-clock, or the Parc de la Grande which is the place of the beautiful and famous rose garden. When you treasure a love for plants, you can visit my former companions, The Botanical gardens. Their place contains a huge collection of plants from all over the world.

Yes the people of Geneva love their parks and they have all the reasons to do so. We are beautiful, serene and often very special but most of all we are a place to relax and a very welcome escape from the busy city life.