How To Save Money By Being A Healthy Traveler


Learn how to save money by eating healthy food.Learn how to save money by living healthy

As a traveler you probably maintain a budget. In order to keep this budget healthy you have to make sure that you stay healthy yourself. Unexpected high medical bills could really ruin a trip. Try to prevent these bills by taking good care of your body. These tips will teach you how to save money by being a healthy traveler.


You burn a lot of energy when you are digesting food. Try to fast frequently, preferably once a week. When you fast your body does not have to spend energy on digesting. Instead it can use that energy on unfinished maintenance work. Give your body that opportunity. I plan my fasting days on the moon calendar. The moon can help to cleanse the body, especially during certain moon phases like full moon or half moon.

When you fast, you will not only boost your health but you will also save money, because you do not have to spend it on food. I recommend you choose an easy day, at which you do not have to do much physical or stressful activities, like work, relocating, sightseeing or meeting people. Choose a day at which you can stay at home and relax.

Avoid unnecessary junk food

Society has made us consuming slaves. We constantly buy and eat foods which we do not really need. You want to be in it for the long run? Then keep away from the chocolates, the cookies, the chips and all those other unnecessary junk foods. You do not really need those products and you will save money when you are not buying them.

Eat and drink in moderation

Besides fasting I also believe a person should eat and drink in moderation. Eat moderate meals and stop before you feel completely full. Do not eat keep eating all day long but eat at regular scheduled times. Only eat a few times a day, and stop eating at least four hours before you go to bed. This will allow your body to digest the food while you are still awake.

Digesting food during your sleep seems to be very unhealthy. Your body is burning energy because it needs to digest the food, but actually it needs to rest. This can make you feel tired even though you had a long sleep, By eating in moderation you also save a lot of money. Eat three meals a day with in between 3 small healthy snacks, like apples, nuts and seeds.

Treat your body like a temple

It is very important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are going to travel for a long time. Take good care of your body. Brush and stoke your teeth carefully, eat and drink healthy products and exercise regularly. Also make sure that you protect yourself against tropical diseases if you go to tropical countries.

A high dentist or hospital bill could unexpectedly take a big chunk out of your travel budget. Try to prevent problems instead of resolving them. Medical care might be the biggest unexpected cost that you encounter on you travels. Therefore it is very important that you treat your body as a temple.

These thoughts are my own

My health tips are not only for travelers but also for people who just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle back home. These described health tips are my own thoughts and opinions, based on my own experiences. It could be that they benefit you but it could also not be. Take my tips as a starting point and then seek contact with health professionals. They can help you create personal eating, fasting and exercise methods.

Do you treat your body like a temple? How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle and budget? 

Useful links

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9 Reasons Why You Should Never Use Budget Airlines


9 reasons why you should not fly with a cheap airline.9 reasons why you should avoid budget flights

Do you want to fly to your travel destination with a budget airline? Then I strongly advice you to think twice. Remember that when buying cheap you get cheap, and that is the last thing you should choose for when it comes to flying. Here are 9 reasons why you should never fly for a very low price.

1. The location of the airport

Many budget airlines do not depart from a large international airport. Instead they depart from smaller ones. It could take some more time to get to that departure point, which could be difficult to reach by public transportation, or it might be much further away from your home. This creates the weird situation that your transportation to the airport could end up being more expensive then your flight.

I once found a flight to Gdansk (Poland), departing from Groningen Airport (The Netherlands). The flight ticket would cost me a whopping 10 euros! However a train ticket to Groningen would cost me already 25 euros! 10 euro for a ticket from The Netherlands to Poland is very cheap you might say. That is true, but keep in mind that there are many hidden/extra costs, which can make the price of your flight much higher.

2. Extra costs

Do you want to fly low budget? Then you better have no wishes, no expectations, and no luggage. Any extra service is going to cost you. Checking in at the airport, you pay extra. Bringing along checked baggage, you pay extra. Having a drink in the airplane, you pay extra.

The prices for these extra services can be very expensive, so these extra costs can make your seemingly cheap ticket suddenly a lot more expensive. Besides collecting money for extra services the airline is also trying to save money on as many expenses as possible. One of those money saving methods is an inconveniently far location of the departure gate.

3. Location of the gate

Large airports have many gates. The price fighters rent the cheapest ones, which are usually situated far away, at the back of the airport. Plan some extra time to get to your airplane after checking in and getting true customs. It could be a long walk to the gate. Make sure you really walk and do not use the moving walkway. Your legs are going to appreciate the exercise later on.

It will not take long before you will be confronted with another money saving method, which probably will be your next irritation factor. Once in the airplane you will love the cramped seats. Thank god you where able to use your legs for one last time, on the long walk to the departure gate.

4. Uncomfortable seats

Not enough space for your legs is maybe bearable for a short flight but on a long distance journey you might start praying to god that the suffering will be over soon. In order to save money they will cram you into this inhumanely small spaces. Unfortunately there is very little entertainment offered to distract you from your misery.

5. Lack of flight entertainment

You will not be blessed with your own entertainment system when you book a low cost flight. Instead you will be forced to watch a movie on a shared screen. Of course this needs to be a movie witch is suitable for everyone, so you probably will be watching very cheesy movies.

You will try to close your eyes in order not to watch the movie, but the pain and suffering from your crammed chair makes you craving for distraction. As a result you might end up watching that movie anyway. Then again you could also take the time to think about what you are doing in that airplane anyway, as you might take a risk by flying for such a low price.

6. Dangerous flying conditions

You think the airlines will only cut costs on customer service, and leg space? Think again. Some airlines also try to safe money on fuel costs. Pilots decide how much fuel is being tanked for the flight. However, sometimes they are forced to take as less fuel as possible. The amount of fuel in the tank might be enough, if nothing goes wrong, but what happens when the flight takes longer then expected..

Some airplanes got in trouble when they approached the airport. They where told that they had to delay the landing due to a busy airstrip, but there was no more fuel left to wait. A stressful situation for the pilots and the people in the flight tower. Combine this with the stressful working conditions of pilots and you create very dangerous situations.

7. Treatment of the staff

Do you want to trust your life on pilots who make to many hours and are pressured to fly for low wages, in dangerous conditions. They often operate with the fear of being fired if they choose for safety instead of the company policies. Sometimes they are just contractors. Which means that they are self employed. Their employer does not have to pay taxes, and the pilots do not get payed when they get sick.

Flying with a cheap airline.

8. Unfriendly staff

You can’t really blame the cabin crew for not being the most friendliest and helpful people in the business, considering the tough working conditions. The crew is often very tired, stressed and over pressured. Once more you get what you pay for. A cheap tickets means cheap service, and that will not only apply to the airplane staff but also for all the other people who are working in that company.

9. Customer service

Do you want to complain after your flight, or cancel your ticket after reading my article? It can be difficult to to get something done from the budget airline customer service. Often there is no customer service available in your country. Then you have to make an expensive call abroad and explain your situation in English. I tried this and like I expected, nothing ever happened when I tried to cancel my flight.

Cheap is not always better

Lets be honest. A price of 10 euro for a return ticket to Poland is an extremely low price. However, you pay this price because the price fighter has been compromising on things like customer service, safety, and comfort. Especially the safety issues are kind of disturbing. Please think about your safety when you book a flight.

Do you want to put your life at risk to save some money? Having less comfort is understandable and you have a choice if you want to pay for extra services, but you have no influence on your safety during the flight. An airline should never save money on safety procedures. That is just wrong in so many ways. Therefore I strongly advice you to reconsider flying with budget companies.

Did you ever fly with a budget airline? How was your experience? Would you fly with that company again after reading this article?

Fixed Costs For Renting In Bangkok Thailand


Fixed costs apartment renting in Bangkok Thailand.What are your fixed costs when renting in Bangkok

Are you looking for a place to live in Thailand? Bangkok can be an excellent choice. There are many accommodation options available in this huge city. It is not the cheapest renting place in Thailand, but I prefer to live in Bangkok because of the many conveniences that this city has to offer. There are plenty of shops, hospitals, bars and transportation options. You pay a little more for convenience, but the renting prices for one-room apartments are reasonable.

Besides the rent you also pay for fixed costs like electricity, water and other services. This article will tell you more about those extra costs. The information is based on my experiences with renting one-bedroom apartments in the price range of 100 to 300 U.S. dollars. Rental conditions and prices can be different when you want to live in a larger accommodation, like a house or a two-bedroom apartment.

Water costs

In general you don’t have to worry about your water bill. Of course the amount depends on how many people are living in the apartment and their style of living, but usually the water bill will not add much to your list of extra expenses. I never pay more than 10 U.S. dollars for my water.

My electricity bills have always been fluctuating between 15 and 60 U.S. dollars. The price per unit defers. Some apartment buildings use electricity which is subsidized by the government. Which means that you don’t have to pay if you stay under a certain amount of used electricity units. This can save you some money every month.

Take a look at the condition of the air conditioner when you inspect a new room. Try to rent an accommodation with a new air conditioner. You will use more electricity with an old model. Do not use the air conditioning too much, otherwise you could end up paying more for the electricity then for the rent. A fan is a good substitute for the air conditioner, and it keeps the mosquitoes away.

A WI-FI connection

I recommend you rent an accommodation which includes WI-FI. My first apartment did not have WI-FI, so I signed up for a contract with an Internet provider. All was fine until I moved to another part of the city and was told that my Internet would not work in that area. I also found out that my contract term was longer than I originally thought. I was stuck with a useless 1.5 year Internet contract.

So, I don’t recommend that you sign up for an Internet contract, if you are not familiar with the Thai language and the rules of the contract. This could lead to expensive misunderstandings. You can resolve this problem by asking the help of a Thai person who can explain the contract details to you.

Other costs

In some apartments you pay an extra amount for the collection of your trash, or you have to pay for the rental of furniture. You also have to pay a one time deposit amount when you sign your accommodation contract. The amount is usually equal to one month of rent. It will be given back to you once you end the renting contract, and leave the accommodation in a good condition.

Where do you live, and what are your monthly fixed costs? How do you safe money when it comes to costs like electricity and water? 


Become An Expert With The 4-Hour Workweek Approach

– How to become an expert in four weeks –

In his book The 4-Hour Work Week, Timothy Ferris explains how to become an expert in 4 weeks.

This are his bullet points for how to do it:

  • Join two or three related trade organizations
  • Read the three top selling books on your topic
  • Give one free one-to-three-hour seminar at the closest well-known university
  • Give two free seminars at branches of well-known big companies such as IBM
  • Offer to write one or two articles for trade magazines
  • Join ProfNet which is a service that journalists use to find experts to quote for articles

I have been thinking about those six steps and the achievement of becoming an expert. It looks like a very difficult task especially when you really want to achieve it in only four weeks. Then I realized that one of the important learning’s of Ferris his books is to actually take big steps and realize those unreasonable goals. After all if you don’t start somewhere then how do you achieve something.  So why not start of big with your becoming of an expert.

However you have to be critical as wel. The problem that I have with this six steps and with other parts of Ferris his book is that these steps take a budget to achieve them. You have to join trade organizations, buy books and advertise on university’s with posters.All of those steps combined will cost at least more then $100.

Of course money should not be holding your back when you want to realize your big goals and dreams but it is something you have to take in consideration. After all you don’t want to have to cancel a project because you cant finance it any more. No matter how opportunistic or unreasonable people want you to be to achieve high goals, you have to feel comfortable about your budget. If you spend more then you actualy can effort then you are busy with a bad challenge which can get you in trouble. If you have to choose between getting dinner on the table this week or by paying $100 for joining a trade organization, then of course you choose the food.

Don’t get me wrong, if the money is not a problem then Ferris his expert building plan is a great challenge.  Achieving a big challenge is good to become more confident in life but don’t just blindly follow people’s ideas. It is good to feel a bit uncomfortable and to challenge yourself on certain times but don’t get in trouble because of being to pumped up about something. Life offers great opportunities but if you want a achieve them then you need to use your mind and often work hard and disciplined. Keep those facts in mind when you start with a project or set a goal.

You dont feel comfortable enough for this challenge but still want to become an expert? Dont worry and keep working on your expertise level. Keep gathering credibility indicators. Do courses get diploma’s. Make sure your subject of choice is something you really like and also that you enjoy your learning experience. If you would like to have a Ph. D. in Economics but your find it terrible to be at school for 4 years then try a different approach. For example by regularly following  short economic courses to build up your knowledge about the subject. Always keep learning.  Not only to be an expert for others but also for your personal growth.

Do you feel comfortable enough to do this challenge and have the budget to actually do it?  Then I challenge you to try the expert builder approach and write about your experiences on my website. I am especially interested in people that actually manage to do it in 4 weeks. 


A real life approach to a fantasy world

I am still searching, in real life as well as with my website. Again I have decided to try a different approach. My main focus was on writing and learning about generating income, becoming financially independent was my first priority. This is still the case but now I would like to start writing about other important categories of life as well.

The motivation to do this came from a PC game I am playing. I realized that that game presented so many general aspects of real life and then I thought why not start working to improve those aspects in my real life and use the game as a guideline structure. Follow the same steps as I do in the game.

Most aspects of life that are written down below are all somehow present in the game as well as in every persons real life. However the skills that I describe are personal choices. For example in the game I can train engineering skills. I have no ambition to be an engineer in real life so I choose something else that interests me and fits my qualities. like for example writing or web design. I still think everybody can learn something from my preferred skills as well as from the other categories written below. They can all be improved to let us grow in life.


Skill 1. trading and selling (retail, own products)

At the moment I promote a lot of products for other people. Later on I hope to start selling my own products.

Skill 2. writing (creating content)

Writing can be a fun, creative and a healing process. Putting your thoughts and ideas on paper can empty your head. I write daily and build up a lot of content which I find really valuable.

Skill 3. First Aid

Learning how to care for someone in an emergency is really important. It is also important to prevent common risks and stay healthy. Learn how to stay healthy and how you can help yourself or others in case of an emergency.

Skill 4. Web design

Designing a website is addictive. It is great to see your site improve every day and there are many fun ways at how you can do that.

Skill 5. Acting

Acting is fun and it gives you the ability to step in to the mind of other people.

Other aspects of life


Don’t be afraid for the unknown, be brave and peek around the corner. Explore the planet. There is so much beauty in the world ready to be discovered. Read, travel, talk gain knowledge, meet new people and learn about other cultures and their values.

Physical activity (training)

Stay healthy and exercise regularly. Staying active gives you more energy and makes you happy.


Money is part of the game. You can hate it but you can’t go without it so you can better make the best of it. Don’t fight it, learn to love it. Make it your hobby to collect as much money as you can and solve that money problem once and for all so that you can fully focus on other important aspects of your life. The whole world is a monopoly game and hey you can play a lot of monopoly and become good at it right.


During your life you collect possessions. Try to minimize possessions to keep your self mobile and organized. Focus on buying quality items and learn to enjoy them.

Daily tasks

Small daily tasks that you have or want to do to. They could be tasks like cleaning your house but also things like meditating for 15 minutes.

General tasks

Tasks that need to be done, for example doing your taxes, your monthly visit to the barber or buying a new washing machine. Try to reward yourself for finishing a good amount of tasks.

Achievements and goals

Write down your goals and what you want to achieve in life. Today, tomorrow, next month that is up to you. It depends on what kind of deadlines you are comfortable with. Make sure you mix relatively easy goals with extremely difficult ones. Or cut difficult goals in smaller easier steps. The easy goals give you a boost while you work towards your bigger difficult goals. The difficult goals give you a challenge and keep you from becoming bored.


If you learn skills and do activities you gain experience. The more you know and learn to more experience you get. Keep track of what you learn and keep that gained knowledge up to date.


It became such an important part of our lives and now it really needs to put a step back. Organize your mail and set fixed times for when you check the mailbox. A seemingly small part of your life but a game changer if you do it correctly.


It is all about building up reputation. More reputation means more respect, more work offers, more friends etc.


It is important to socialize. Talk with your friends, family or relatives on a daily basis, visit them or give them a call or an email. Build up and manage your social network and you will gain so much benefits.

Dear reader, I am interested to hear about your preferred skills. Why did you choose them and what benefits did they give you? I am also interested to hear what your experiences are with the other categories. For example: which parts of the world did you explore or what are your most valuable possessions? Leave all your interesting responses in the comment section below.