Travel Medical Insurance Contracts For Germany


Travel Medical InsuranceGetting a travel medical insurance for Germany

Are you planning to visit Germany? Whatever your reasons for traveling to this destination might be, there are some important things that you need to arrange before your trip. Having a proper travel medical insurance is one of those things. Costs for treatments can get really high when you are abroad. You might end up losing a big part of your travel budget if you are not properly covered.

Travelling provides you with a lot of surprises but a high medical bill is not the surprise you want to encounter. Make sure that you stay healthy and that all your medical expenses will be covered. In this article, I will explain more about the insurance requirements for a trip to Germany.

What is a travel medical insurance?

When you travel to Germany, you have the obligation to protect yourself against medical costs. In Germany, you can choose between two health care systems. The first one is the compulsory system, which is a basic package for everyone. The other option is a private contract, which covers the costs of the individual.

Why you need it

You might need medical attention when you get sick or when you get an accident. Being insured means that you are financially covered in the case of these problems. You need to choose an offer that matches the reason for your visit to Germany. A person who comes to Germany for work needs to comply to different requirements than someone who visits the country as a tourist or a student.


The major benefit of being properly insured is that you don’t have to worry about any possible medical costs. Whenever something happens, you can focus on recovering instead of having to deal with high bills. Another benefit is the extra support that you get from your insurance company. This could mean that you can use their 24/7 telephone service in case of emergencies, or that you can ask them to arrange an evacuation.

The costs

Costs for insurance contracts differ. It depends on what you want to cover and for what reason you stay in Germany. Obviously, activities which involve high risks like dangerous jobs or adventurous vacations will cost more to cover. It also depends on which health care system you choose. The costs for the compulsory policy are based on a person’s income, while the costs for a private policy are based on health and age.

Where to get it 

One easy way to get a travel medical insurance for Germany is by applying online. Various companies offer affordable packages. By using the internet, you can conveniently choose a contract which suits your needs. Another option is to contact your current health insurance company and ask if you can add a travel package that matches the requirements for a journey to Germany.

Be prepared

Remember that a healthy traveler is a wealthy traveler. If you are careful and you take good care of yourself then you might not have to deal with potential health problems and costs, which of course is the most ideal situation. However, it is always good to be prepared for worst case scenarios.

Did you ever visit Germany? How did you find your ideal travel insurance contract for this country?

Useful links

  • This useful site provides independent insurance advice to travelers who want to visit Germany. You can use Covomo to compare insurers and their tariffs. You can also read a lot of general information about the particular insurance requirements for a visit to Germany.
  • Brain Dump: Health Insurance in Germany: A while ago, I stumbled up on this very informative article from blogger Andrew Couch. He is an expat living in Germany. In this article, he talks about Germany’s health care system.
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4 more reasons why you should visit Thailand


4 more reasons why you should visit Thailand. Like for example temples.4 more reasons to put Thailand on your travel list

Are you planning a trip to Asia? Don’t forget to put Thailand on your travel list. There are many reasons why this country is a great travel destination. In a previous article I already talked about 4 of those reasons. In this article you will find 4 more reasons why you should visit this kingdom in Southeast Asia.

4. Nature

Thailand provides many options for nature lovers. Even in the cities you can find beautiful green gems. Many Thai cities have parks which are clean and quiet oases in the noisy and polluted concrete jungles. You can also visit many beautiful beaches, national parks, mountains, rice fields, caves and jungles.

Visit Chang Mai and cool down at the many surrounding mountains, which are the starting point of the Himalaya’s, or take a hike to the beautiful waterfalls in Kanchanaburi. Recommendable nature spots for city dwellers are for example Bung Ta lau Park in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) and Lumpini Park in Bangkok.

3. Transportation services

When traveling around you can choose a wide variety of transportation options. Those options include minivans, buses, boats and trains. Prices for these forms of transportation are cheap. Long distance travel within the country becomes much more convenient when you take a cheap flight. More and more budget airlines offer flights to many destinations in the country. All these options make it easy and affordable to travel.

In Bangkok you can use the very comfortable sky train and subway system’s. These transportation options make it easy to avoid the many traffic jams. If you do prefer to travel on the road, then you can choose one of the many taxi’s. They are also very affordable if you ask the driver to turn on the meter.

2. Medical care

The excellent medical care facilities and services are another reason why I love going to Thailand so much. This country offers one of the best medical services in the region. Chances are you are being transported to Thailand when you get a medical problem in one of the surrounding countries like Cambodia or Laos.

Especially Bangkok offers a variety of excellent hospitals. Many of them are specialized in certain healthcare issues, like for example eye care or medical care for children. Hospitals costs differ from very low to very high, which means that the more you pay the better service you will get. You will also find many pharmacy’s in Thailand. The staff of these pharmacy’s is often well educated and they can give you good advice in English.

1. Temples

If you are into Buddhism and temples then Thailand is a must see country. You will find a huge amount of temples in this kingdom. There are many busy touristic ones but there are also many hidden temples, who rarely get any touristic visitors. You can find many of  those temples in local neighborhoods or in the countryside.

Did you ever travel to Thailand? What was the most memorable moment of your trip?