Hipmunk City Love: A Guide to Tokyo Sushi Restaurants

Tokyo Sushi Restaurants

Tokyo is jam-packed with sushi restaurants, from high-class Michelin-starred establishments to off the beaten track fish market diners. It is by no means difficult to find some artistic fish restaurant, but you can definitely not end a Tokyo sightseeing tour without visiting one. Grab your chopsticks and a large amount of money and plan a trip to one of these excellent Tokyo sushi restaurants.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

The best sushi experience, and most likely the most amazing eating experience in your life, takes some planning. The outstanding establishments have only a few available seats. Quality sushi is not mass-produced. The best chefs make your sushi piece by piece. They like to tell you about the ingredients they use. That is why it is important to learn some Japanese. Also, do not expect a cheap eating experience. Prices are often sky-high. Plan ahead, save money, learn some Japanese, and some sushi eating etiquette. Once you are ready, head over to one of the following Tokyo sushi restaurants.

Sukiyabashi Jiro

It is extremely difficult for foreigners to reserve a seat, but Sukiyabashi Jiro in Ginza should definitely be mentioned, as it is one of the most famous sushi restaurants in the world. There are only 10 seats available. Its fame and size require reservations made far ahead, and being able to speak Japanese is almost mandatory. However, you will marvel at the chef’s artistic sushi creations. Keep in mind that his drive for the perfect sushi experience requires you to eat every piece within 45 seconds after it ends up on your plate.

Sushi Saito

It is a real challenge to reserve a spot at Sushi Saito in Akasaka. The reason is its status as one of the best sushi establishments on earth combined with a small capacity of only seven seats. You need to make an early reservation, preferably a few months in advance. Pleasant points about this restaurant are the relaxed atmosphere and the English-speaking chef.

Sushi Dai

When going for sushi in Tokyo, eating at Sushi Dai is one experience you should not miss. It provides you with a chance to eat the freshest sushi in Tokyo. This restaurant occupies a spot at the famous Tsukiji Fish Market. The place is also crowded with sushi restaurants. Sushi Dai is probably your best pick and the hand-picked sushi menu is their best meal. Do some research on nearby Tokyo hotels because to need to wake up early to get the freshest sushi.

Once in a Lifetime Dining Experiences in Tokyo Sushi Restaurants

Sushi is more than just a meal. It is culinary art in its most purest form. Having a chance to eat it in one of the best Tokyo sushi restaurants is a once in a lifetime experience. There is an entire philosophy and etiquette on how to prepare it and eat it. Therefore, if you really want to have an authentic sushi experience, it is strongly advised to head over to some of the best sushi restaurants in Tokyo. Eating sushi will never be the same after a dining experience in one of these restaurants.
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Hipmunk City Love: Best Of Unusual Tokyo Hotels

searching for unusual Tokyo Hotels

Things are different in Japan. Quirky sights and bizarre attractions make this country and its capital city Tokyo enormously attractive for vacationers. There are also various unusual Tokyo hotels for travelers who like to stay in special rooms during their city trip. These odd lodgings always succeed in entertaining and surprising their visitors. Here is a list of five unusual hotels in Tokyo.

5. Grand Pacific Le Daiba

The 5-star Grand Pacific Le Daiba at Daiba Minato-ku offers rooms that are creatively themed in the style of a classic anime called Mobile Suit Gundam. The Jaburo Type room carries the same name as the base in the show and it also looks similar. The Special Type and the Standard Type lodgings also show decorations from this famous animated show about robot warriors. Other quirky room themes are the Space Pirate Captain Harlock room and the Galaxy Express 999 room.

4. Akihabara Washington Hotel 

The Akihabara Washington Hotel in Akihabara has a specially themed Railway Room. This popular room is playfully decorated with a complete mini-Akihabara diorama and a model railway that will make children and train fanatics excited. It gives guests the possibility to travel around without leaving their room. They can sit behind a panel and guide the train along models of Tokyo neighborhoods and famous sights like the Tokyo Tower. The true fanatic will also enjoy the available railway-themed DVDs in the room.

3. Lotte City Hotel Kinshicho

The Lotte City Hotel Kinshicho, owned by the famous Lotte food brand, occupies a spot in Sumida-ku. It has a special child friendly Koala’s March themed room. This Room is tastefully decorated with prints of the popular Koala’s March biscuit character from Lotte. The beautiful view of the nearby Tokyo Skytree should also be mentioned.

2. Shinjuku Granbell Hotel

The 4-star Shinjuku Granbell Hotel in Shinjuku supports upcoming Asian artists by letting them design rooms in the hotel. Artists like Shigeki Hattori, Ryoono, and Katsuhiko Taniguchi already worked their magic. This luxurious hotel has 380 comfortable and individually equipped rooms. It also has an art lounge and it organizes exhibitions for art loving guests.

1. Claska

Room designs are rarely so unusual as in hotel Claska in Meguro-dori. This stunningly creative and avant-garde boutique hotel offers individually designed rooms. Guests can choose between four categories: tatami, DIY, Japanese modern, and weekly residence. Especially the DIY rooms are intriguing accommodation options. Japanese artists designed these rooms without restrictions. As a result, guests can now choose to sleep in a bed made of stuffed toys or they can surround themselves with flower and branch decorations.

Crazy and Unusual Tokyo Hotels

Crazy is one word to describe Tokyo, but pioneering, creative, and playful are also words that suit this amazing city and its fascinating culture. Modern and traditional are successfully mixed together in all aspects of the Japanese society. This is one of the reasons that Tokyo is such a remarkable city trip destination. The city houses countless quirky sights, strange attractions and unusual Tokyo hotels.
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Accommodation Tokyo

Accommodation In TokyoID-100108362
Tokyo is one of the worlds most vibrant and exciting cities. Offering an unrivalled cultural experience. Increasingly western tourists are choosing to travel to the far east, not only to experience the indescribable natural beauty of the place but to immerse themselves in the bustling day to day life of the Japanese. Often the most difficult aspect of organising a holiday to a destination as different as Tokyo is understanding what accommodation is available. Here is a easily digestible guide to some of the potential options you have when booking somewhere to stay when visiting the beautiful city of Tokyo.

A Great Selection

However the excellent service and incredible views that come as standard in these hotels is, for some, well worth the money. For the more budget conscious traveller there is a range of inexpensive places to stay. Tokyo boasts a number of simple but well equipped hostels that are positioned in the centre of the city for those wishing to be in the middle of it all. There are also a number of smaller hotels and hostels on the cities outskirts and excellent transport links via both the subway and bus to make sure you can get involved with everything Tokyo has to offer.

Have you visited Tokyo? What’s your favourite accommodation in Tokyo? We’d love to hear from you.

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Online Fashion Shopping In Japan

Fashion Shopping Goes Online

japanesefashion Fashion is simply a statement of style, class or choice in either what is trendy, contemporary or classic. Of course, it depends on the individual preferences and on the things one uses for making fashion statements. This may involve clothes, shoes, bags and jewelleries and other accessories. Traditional shopping takes an intending buyer of fashion goods or any good at that, to local stores or stores in highbrow areas and markets where choices can be made from the varieties on offer. The existence of internet has however changed the style of many contemporary people today in shopping; shopping for fashion items has moved online.

Japan – a Country with Style

Along with the opportunities to find cheaper prices for leading brands, online fashion shopping extends the reach of a buyer to virtually anywhere in the world. Japan, of course, has its unique style in fashion, but several notable couturiers are, well, Japanese. Kenzo Takada and Yohji Yamamoto are only two of the fashion designers that captivate people all over the world with their ideas and impeccable style.

Buy it Now!

Thanks to the internet, online fashion shopping has been made very more convenient both for the buyer and seller. Japan, one of the more technologically advanced countries in the world offers many options for acquiring unique designs with the help of a computer, laptop, and, recently, smartphone. In addition to the reduced costs you are guaranteed a truly unique item, be it a bag, a gourmet or a scarf. A selection of top-class designer shops becomes even wider if you are after contemporary style. The delivery is quick and fairly priced, making online fashion shopping in Japan a really fun experience. You should definitely try it!

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Cheap Japan Flights

Travelling to Japan soon? ID-100137194 Apart from the flights to Japan, there are also flights to different regions of the country. You can fly to numerous destinations in Japan without putting too much strain on your pocket.

What Does Cheap Japan Flights have to offer?

The flights get you across different cultures of the people of Japan. Each is exotic and unique and will make it worth visiting the country. The country has a unique blend of architecture, traditions and the cuisine which makes it a top destination worldwide. Each region has its own unique features and you can purchase various souvenirs while you are there. The scenery is a sight to behold in each place you visit. The getaways are completely different from the highly industrialized cities.

Different Ways to Travel in Japan

Apart from the cheap Japan flights which are fast and comfortable, you can also use trains which are efficient. The train network in Japan is proof of the fast growing technology. Depending on the distant to the region, you can use the road and make stops along the way. The water ways would be a more intricate mode of transport as you can view the different natural features and landscapes up close.

Did this article provide you with the information you expected? Which regions do you plan on visiting while in Japan?

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