6 ways to get rid of house bugs


6 ways to get rid of bugs.How to get rid of the insects in your house

It can be difficult to adjust to the environment when you travel from a (relatively) cold place to a hot and tropical country. One problem you have to deal with is a huge increase of insects. You will most likely be surrounded by them. Do not get scared but instead be brave, and prepare for war by using these 6 ways to get rid of house insects.

1. Block the entrance

Ants are very disciplined insects. They march in a line from the food to their hole. This is an interesting fact about these small insectes but it also makes it easy to find out where they are coming from. Just follow the long line of ants to their hole and then close that entrance with a tissue or any other material. Also block larger holes which can act as passageways for cockroaches, spiders and other unwanted guests.

2. Insect spray

Not my favorite method but if you like to cause havoc and destruction then spraying poisonous insect spray can be very effective. Make sure you leave your house or room for a while after you sprayed the poison, and open up windows and doors for some fresh air, otherwise you will also cause destruction on yourself.

3. Smoke coils

Smoke coils are used as a mosquito repellent. They are popular products in Asian and African countries. The smoke from the coils will keep mosquitoes away, but also seems to be unhealthy for people. Make sure that the smoke can leave your room easily, or only use the coils outside.

4. Electrical rackets

Using an electrical racket is probably the most fun way to get rid of mosquitoes, especially if you are in for a revenge attack. Use the electrical racket to fry your attackers with backhands, forehands and smashes. It is is a very effective tool for your war against mosquitoes. The crackling noises of frying insects will suite the pain of your itchy bumps.

5. Compulsive cleaning methods

Clean, cleaner, cleanest. Keep your house clean and the bugs will leave you alone. Do it yourself, hire a cleaner or find a compulsive girlfriend. The result will be that your creepy crawling roommates start to move out of the house. Strict cleaning regime’s are not being loved by them.

6. Mass evacuation

Woman and children first! If you are unwillingly housing a community of ants you might want to get rid of them. Try to cause an evacuation, for example by spraying some water at the nest. In a very short time you will cause mass panic. The ants will all run out of their nest, while carrying eggs and anything else they posses. This is a very effective way to get rid of ants.

What kind of insects are living in your house and which method do you use to get rid of them?