Hipmunk City Love: How to Explore Upscale San Antonio

Explore upscale San Antonio

From high-end shopping malls to luxury golf resorts and from exclusive restaurants to trendy art galleries, San Antonio is an ideal destination for a luxurious city trip. Explore upscale San Antonio and discover the luxurious side of this dynamic and culturally diverse city in the United States.

Upscale Restaurants

Travel to Bohanan’s Prime Steaks and Seafood for a top-notch dining experience. This classy restaurant on East Houston Street houses a cigar bar, offers a cognac card and serves exclusive Akaushi beef from Japan. Luxury Travelers should also head over to Francesca’s at Sunset. This restaurant at the La Cantera Hill Country Resort is popular because of the beautiful view and the broad choice of exclusive dishes. A third option is Antlers Lodge. This up-scale restaurant at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Spa serves local dishes like bison tenderloin and rattlesnake fritters.

Golf Courses

San Antonio is a lovely destination for golf enthusiasts. The city has a large variety of golf courses and hosts various famous golf tournaments every year. These tournaments attract not only spectators but also a lot of golf lovers who want to swing a club at the excellent greens. Golfers love to go to Tournament Players Club courses like the AT&T Canyons Course and the AT&T Oaks Course. Other excellent golf spot in San Antonio is The Resort Course and the Palmer Course.

Shopping in San Antonio

The Shops at La Cantera provides a classy shopping experience. Travelers and locals love this open-air shopping mail at La Cantera Parkway. It houses a large variety of specialty shops, department stores, and restaurants. Travelers can also visit specialty stores in the North Star Mall at San Pedro Avenue. This mall is easily recognized because of the giant 40-foot cowboy boots next to the building.

Galleries and Boutiques

Travelers in search of boutique shops, antique stores and art galleries should definitely head over to La Villita, located downtown. This charming historic arts village is the place to go to for souvenirs and hand-crafted products from local artists. Some of the products for sale are paintings, jewelry and textiles.

Luxury Lodgings

With such an excess of luxury it’s easy to find a classy resort or hotel in San Antonio. One excellent hotel option is the Grand Hyatt San Antonio at East Market Street. The fine architectural and decorative mix of warm Latin elegance and cool modernism is very attractive. Outstanding amenities and the centrally located address near the famous San Antonio River Walk make it one of the top lodging spots in the city.

Explore Upscale San Antonio for a Taste of the Good Life

Travelers with a big budget should definitely explore upscale San Antonio during a high-end vacation. From mouth-watering dining establishments, to spectacular San Antonio Spurs NBA matches, exciting golf tournaments, and pampering hotels, this Texas city offers something for every high rolling traveler. They know that their money is well spent when they invest in a priceless and truly unforgettable city trip to San Antonio.
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Hipmunk City Love: A Guide to Tokyo Sushi Restaurants

Tokyo Sushi Restaurants

Tokyo is jam-packed with sushi restaurants, from high-class Michelin-starred establishments to off the beaten track fish market diners. It is by no means difficult to find some artistic fish restaurant, but you can definitely not end a Tokyo sightseeing tour without visiting one. Grab your chopsticks and a large amount of money and plan a trip to one of these excellent Tokyo sushi restaurants.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

The best sushi experience, and most likely the most amazing eating experience in your life, takes some planning. The outstanding establishments have only a few available seats. Quality sushi is not mass-produced. The best chefs make your sushi piece by piece. They like to tell you about the ingredients they use. That is why it is important to learn some Japanese. Also, do not expect a cheap eating experience. Prices are often sky-high. Plan ahead, save money, learn some Japanese, and some sushi eating etiquette. Once you are ready, head over to one of the following Tokyo sushi restaurants.

Sukiyabashi Jiro

It is extremely difficult for foreigners to reserve a seat, but Sukiyabashi Jiro in Ginza should definitely be mentioned, as it is one of the most famous sushi restaurants in the world. There are only 10 seats available. Its fame and size require reservations made far ahead, and being able to speak Japanese is almost mandatory. However, you will marvel at the chef’s artistic sushi creations. Keep in mind that his drive for the perfect sushi experience requires you to eat every piece within 45 seconds after it ends up on your plate.

Sushi Saito

It is a real challenge to reserve a spot at Sushi Saito in Akasaka. The reason is its status as one of the best sushi establishments on earth combined with a small capacity of only seven seats. You need to make an early reservation, preferably a few months in advance. Pleasant points about this restaurant are the relaxed atmosphere and the English-speaking chef.

Sushi Dai

When going for sushi in Tokyo, eating at Sushi Dai is one experience you should not miss. It provides you with a chance to eat the freshest sushi in Tokyo. This restaurant occupies a spot at the famous Tsukiji Fish Market. The place is also crowded with sushi restaurants. Sushi Dai is probably your best pick and the hand-picked sushi menu is their best meal. Do some research on nearby Tokyo hotels because to need to wake up early to get the freshest sushi.

Once in a Lifetime Dining Experiences in Tokyo Sushi Restaurants

Sushi is more than just a meal. It is culinary art in its most purest form. Having a chance to eat it in one of the best Tokyo sushi restaurants is a once in a lifetime experience. There is an entire philosophy and etiquette on how to prepare it and eat it. Therefore, if you really want to have an authentic sushi experience, it is strongly advised to head over to some of the best sushi restaurants in Tokyo. Eating sushi will never be the same after a dining experience in one of these restaurants.
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Hipmunk City Love: A Guide to Los Angeles Theme Parks

Los Angeles Theme Parks

Los Angeles is a top destination for theme park lovers. This California city houses some of the world’s most famous amusement parks, like Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood. It is also the home of lesser known, but equally charming and attractive parks like Knott’s Berry Farm and Pacific Park. The real thrill seekers will be pleasantly surprised with the Six Flags Magic Mountain rides, which rattle the bones, tickle the nerves, and mess up the hair. Here is an overview of entertaining Los Angeles theme parks.

1. Disneyland Park

The grand dame of all Los Angeles theme parks lies in Anaheim. Disneyland Park is a dream destination for kids around the world. Travelers can plan a whole vacation around this theme park alone. Disneyland is famous for its spectacular parades, colorful fireworks shows, Disney characters and iconic rides like Space Mountain and the Indiana Jones Adventure. It is a must-see for every theme park lover.

2. Universal Studios Hollywood

Famous Universal Studios Hollywood is a good reason to visit Los Angeles. Travelers visit an active movie studio and are pleasantly entertained with movie-themed attractions. They also get to see some of the sound stages and back lots. The Comfort Inn Near Universal Studios Hollywood provides convenient hotel rooms for travelers who like to sleep near the place where stars are born.

3. Knott’s Berry Farm

Vacationers who like to avoid the big crowds should head over to the lesser known, but locally beloved, Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park. It prides itself as being the first theme park in the United States. This park is cheaper than Disneyland, and it offers more rides and lesser crowds. It is a place that caters to the needs of young children and older kids.

4. Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain occupies a spot in Valencia. It is the most intense theme park in Los Angeles due to its high concentration of thrilling rides. Older kids might have fun in showing off their courage, but their parents better stay at home. Watching your kids riding the Six Flags curly monsters might be equally nerve-wracking. Parents should also not expect to go home quickly, as this theme park has the most roller coasters in the world.

5. Pacific Park 

Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier is a kid-friendly collection of amusing carnival rides. Visitors do not have to pay an admission fee. They can buy separate tickets per ride. The best attractions in Pacific Park are the solar-powered Ferris Wheel and the climbing wall. Santa Monica Pier is a nice destination for a full-day family trip because it also houses an aquarium, restaurants, and a trapeze school.

The Perfect Los Angeles Theme Parks Vacation for the Whole Family

Los Angeles offers a variety of amazing theme park options, from scary roller coaster strongholds to cute fantasy worlds, and from a charming carnival pier to the universe of the stars. Parents, youngsters, and little children will have an unforgettable vacation when they travel to the City of Angels.
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Hipmunk City Love: A Guide to Kowloon Rooftop Bars

Marvel at the Hong Kong skyline  on top of Kowloon rooftop bars

Kowloon (Cantonese for Nine Dragons) is a district of Hong Kong. This peninsula ranks among the highest densely populated areas in the world. More than two million people live in an area that is smaller than 46 square kilometers. It is a place with countless small alleys and dining opportunities. Travelers who want to escape the crowed streets, find peace, tranquility, and luxury in one of the district’s high-end Kowloon rooftop bars. Overlooking the vibrant skyline of the Kowloon peninsula might become a literal and figurative highlight of the trip. Here are some of the best Kowloon rooftop bars.

3. Ozone

The chic and elegant Ozone sky bar at 1 Austin Road West occupies a perfect spot on floor 118 of the Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong. A visit to Ozone is definitely a flirt with Kowloon’s amazing skyline, but also with gravity. This captivating bar on top of the world’s highest hotel offers a beautiful view over the city. Visitors can grab a pair of binoculars and look at Kowloon’s stunning skyline in detail. The bar serves classy champagne cocktails and visitors can enjoy a glamorous tapas menu that consists of Asian snacks.

2. Aqua Spirit

Aqua Spirit at 1 Peking Road is popular among visitors and locals. The marvelous view is the most attractive reason to visit this amazing rooftop bar and restaurant. Delicious Japanese and Italian dining possibilities are a second irresistible reason to hang out at Aqua Spirit. Aqua Spirit divides the place into two sections. Those who love Western food sit down on one side of the restaurant and patrons who yearn for Japanese cuisine sit down on the other. Luscious fusion cocktails and other fashionable drinks are of course served on both sides.

1. Felix

Felix occupies a marvelous spot in the majestic Peninsula Hong Kong on Salisbury Road. This old-school establishment is one of the original rooftop bars in the city. High-rolling rooftop bar enthusiasts should definitely pay it a visit as it has now gained an iconic status. At Felix’s it is al about elegance and style. This restaurant and bar also requires a certain level of elegance from its visitors. The dress code is strict and children who are younger than 12 years cannot enter the bar. Vacationers who head over to Felix will especially enjoy the scenic Victoria Harbor view.

The Highlight of a Kowloon Rooftop Bars City Trip

Every traveler’s Kowloon sightseeing list should include a visit to a rooftop bar. They should ascend to the top of one of Kowloon’s high buildings and marvel at the beauty that spreads out in front of their eyes. Go up and watch the sun go down and see how the city lights spark up like stars. The true beauty of an urban environment shines brightly in such a sparkling overview. To watch at all this beauty in a comfortable chair while sipping from a savory drink might well be counted as one of the highlights of a Kowloon rooftop bars city trip.
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Planning a Trip to Edinburgh? Here is Your Guide

Planning a trip to Edinburgh

Are you planning a trip to Edinburgh? Here is your travel guide to this charming destination. You will quickly discover that Edinburgh offers a wonderful mix of historic beauty and modern comfort. No matter if it is walking, sleeping, sightseeing or eating and drinking, this charismatic city will not disappoint you.

Getting Around

Travelers who want to travel around by public transportation can use Lothian Buses. This bus company’s white and red buses are the most convenient option to travel around the city in comfort. A day ticket for the bus is also valid for the tram. Organized Edinburgh bus and car tours are also favorable ways to explore the city. Driving around with your own car is not recommended because it is difficult to find parking spots in the city. Walking is a good option for tourists who like to travel trough the streets at a leisurely pace.

Finding Accommodation in the City

From artistically designed budget hostels with shared rooms to luxurious 5-star hotels with pampering amenities, travelers will find plenty of suitable accommodation options in the appealing city of Edinburgh. The stylish Chester Residence in New Town is one of the best luxury aparthotels in town. Travelers who like to combine luxury with a budget friendly price should book in advance to reserve a room at The George Hotel on the chic George Street in New Town.

Sightseeing in Edinburgh

Travelers who book accommodations in New Town should definitely explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site from the 18th and 19th century. It is famous for its shops, terraces, and the Princes Street Gardens. Old Town, also a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site is equally impressive with its medieval streets and allies. A variety of historic buildings and castles are located in Edinburgh. Edinburgh Castle, on the Castle Rock hill, is the most prominent and iconic landmark in the city.

Bars and Restaurants

From high-end Michelin-starred restaurants to cozy local eateries and bars, Edinburgh offers it all. Visit Duck’s at Le Marche Noir in New Town for some tasty, traditional haggis or head over to the amazing Whiski Bar and Restaurant for a sip of Scotland’s signature drink. This fantastic dining and drinking establishment near Edinburgh Castle offers an astonishing collection of 300 different whiskeys and it has an extensive food menu.

Planning a Trip to Edinburgh

When planning a trip to Edinburgh, vacationers will feel the excitement creeping up on them. The cities ancient beauty gives history lovers the opportunity to see architectural structures like centuries old castles and characteristic streets. Cutting edge art festivals and avant-garde shops create a healthy balance of old and modern. Hotels, hostels, and guesthouses throw in a mix of high-end luxury and budget friendly. This superb city also takes care of every traveler’s drinking and eating needs. Multicultural or local, cozy or chic, Edinburgh’s cobblestone streets will guide you along some of the best Scottish restaurants and bars.
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