Love what you are doing

It does not matter what you do. It matters if you love what you are doing, So many people are unhappy about there job, there study, the place they live etc. Try to do something about the things in life which make you unhappy, instead of accepting your misery and trying to live with it. Life is short, have fun! The world is one big playground if you open up to the fun side.

Love what you are doing

I focus on activities that make me happy. I don’t want to have a miserable job, and have the idea that all will be better when I earned my credits. I don’t take the pain. I try to take the fun, and I want it now. Not when I am rich or when I have reached a certain form of perfection.

A variety of things

A few years ago I learned an important lesson from an article in a magazine. Often people focus on one thing that they want to achieve and they want to become the best in that subject. This often makes us disappointed because a lot of times we don’t achieve perfection.

The article taught me that it is better to have basic knowledge of a variety of things. This will often make us more happy than trying to achieve perfection in one subject. Our struggles to achieve perfection can become bitter fights full of disappointments and long days of hard and miserable work.

I have a variety of things that I am interested in. Sometimes I wish I could focus on one thing, having one passion, one thing in which I achieve perfection. However, I know that doing that will probably not make me happy, so I learned to enjoy being busy with a variety of things.

Perfection and satisfaction

Often when you think you reached perfection, unhappiness comes peeking around the corner, telling you that you could do even better than what you just achieved. You worked yourself to dead, only to realize it did not give you total satisfaction, and then you start working even more. Will it be worth it at the end?

Not only the end goal should give you satisfaction, but the way to get there should provide you with happiness as well. On certain moments it is alright to crawl trough the mud when you want to achieve something, but make sure you don’t go from one mud pool to another.

People should not spend large parts of their life feeling bad about what they are doing. Do you really want to spend your life feeling miserable? I don’t think so. Have your piece of the pie now. Make sure the path to the goal gives you great joy. Love what you are doing. The road to your success should be a triple chocolate cake, and the end goal should be the icing on that cake.

What kind of things do you love to do?