Article promo video: the joy of giving

This video is created during the Christmas holidays. It is a short promotion video for one of the first articles I wrote on this blog. The article is called the joy of giving and describes how giving and sharing can have a positive effect on our lives. You will feel rewarded yourself if you provide others with gifts.

Your experience

What was the most memorable gift you ever gave to someone? How did it made you feel giving something special? Leave your interesting responses in the comments section below.


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The joy of giving


In this blog post I like to talk about the joy of giving. The more you give the more you eventually will get back. The feeling of giving creates a great boost of happiness. We feel good when we give and we should do it often and in great amounts.

A great way to start giving is by buying a present for someone every week.

Pick a person every week or month to who you will send a nice present. Find out what keeps them busy at that particular moment. Maybe you can give a book connected to the subject of their attention. Maybe your person of interest is really enthusiastic about a music band and you can give the bands newest album.

Now that it is almost Christmas a lot of people experiencing a stressful period. Many Christmas gifts have to be bought but do we buy them because we feel the desire to give or do we do it because its socially required to give presents during the holiday seasons? Think about it and keep giving when Santa is long gone.

Take good care of yourself and everybody around you and remember: give as much as you can and as often as you can. I wish everybody happy holiday’s!

Are you sharing and giving with your friend on a regular basis? Are you more of a charity person or do you prefer giving presents to you friends? Do you do it often or do you give more during the holiday seasons? What was the last present you gave to someone? Leave al your interesting responses in the comment section below.