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This is a promotional video for the blog article quick targeted traffric to your website.  If you are a web master and also play games like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars, then this article could be interesting for you. It describes how you can combine gaming with getting traffic to your website.

Your experience

Do you play games like World of Warcraft together with others?  Does your group or guild have a user friendly website and a lot of traffic? Leave your interesting responses in the comments section below.


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A real life approach to a fantasy world

I am still searching, in real life as well as with my website. Again I have decided to try a different approach. My main focus was on writing and learning about generating income, becoming financially independent was my first priority. This is still the case but now I would like to start writing about other important categories of life as well.

The motivation to do this came from a PC game I am playing. I realized that that game presented so many general aspects of real life and then I thought why not start working to improve those aspects in my real life and use the game as a guideline structure. Follow the same steps as I do in the game.

Most aspects of life that are written down below are all somehow present in the game as well as in every persons real life. However the skills that I describe are personal choices. For example in the game I can train engineering skills. I have no ambition to be an engineer in real life so I choose something else that interests me and fits my qualities. like for example writing or web design. I still think everybody can learn something from my preferred skills as well as from the other categories written below. They can all be improved to let us grow in life.


Skill 1. trading and selling (retail, own products)

At the moment I promote a lot of products for other people. Later on I hope to start selling my own products.

Skill 2. writing (creating content)

Writing can be a fun, creative and a healing process. Putting your thoughts and ideas on paper can empty your head. I write daily and build up a lot of content which I find really valuable.

Skill 3. First Aid

Learning how to care for someone in an emergency is really important. It is also important to prevent common risks and stay healthy. Learn how to stay healthy and how you can help yourself or others in case of an emergency.

Skill 4. Web design

Designing a website is addictive. It is great to see your site improve every day and there are many fun ways at how you can do that.

Skill 5. Acting

Acting is fun and it gives you the ability to step in to the mind of other people.

Other aspects of life


Don’t be afraid for the unknown, be brave and peek around the corner. Explore the planet. There is so much beauty in the world ready to be discovered. Read, travel, talk gain knowledge, meet new people and learn about other cultures and their values.

Physical activity (training)

Stay healthy and exercise regularly. Staying active gives you more energy and makes you happy.


Money is part of the game. You can hate it but you can’t go without it so you can better make the best of it. Don’t fight it, learn to love it. Make it your hobby to collect as much money as you can and solve that money problem once and for all so that you can fully focus on other important aspects of your life. The whole world is a monopoly game and hey you can play a lot of monopoly and become good at it right.


During your life you collect possessions. Try to minimize possessions to keep your self mobile and organized. Focus on buying quality items and learn to enjoy them.

Daily tasks

Small daily tasks that you have or want to do to. They could be tasks like cleaning your house but also things like meditating for 15 minutes.

General tasks

Tasks that need to be done, for example doing your taxes, your monthly visit to the barber or buying a new washing machine. Try to reward yourself for finishing a good amount of tasks.

Achievements and goals

Write down your goals and what you want to achieve in life. Today, tomorrow, next month that is up to you. It depends on what kind of deadlines you are comfortable with. Make sure you mix relatively easy goals with extremely difficult ones. Or cut difficult goals in smaller easier steps. The easy goals give you a boost while you work towards your bigger difficult goals. The difficult goals give you a challenge and keep you from becoming bored.


If you learn skills and do activities you gain experience. The more you know and learn to more experience you get. Keep track of what you learn and keep that gained knowledge up to date.


It became such an important part of our lives and now it really needs to put a step back. Organize your mail and set fixed times for when you check the mailbox. A seemingly small part of your life but a game changer if you do it correctly.


It is all about building up reputation. More reputation means more respect, more work offers, more friends etc.


It is important to socialize. Talk with your friends, family or relatives on a daily basis, visit them or give them a call or an email. Build up and manage your social network and you will gain so much benefits.

Dear reader, I am interested to hear about your preferred skills. Why did you choose them and what benefits did they give you? I am also interested to hear what your experiences are with the other categories. For example: which parts of the world did you explore or what are your most valuable possessions? Leave all your interesting responses in the comment section below.


Quick targeted traffic to your website

In this article I want to discuss a method
of getting targeted traffic to your website. This method is relatively unknown as far as I know. The traffic source that I am going to discuss is coming from guild members in online games. I am going to describe the benefits of creating such guilds

World of Warcraft

For those of you who do not know what a guild or World of Warcraft  (WoW) is, here is a brief explanation.
WoW is a big  multi player PC game. When you join the game you can create a character and enter a huge fantasy world where you can do quests, fight monsters and interact and game together with other players. As a player you can join a group of gamers or start building up your own group. Such organized groups are called guilds.

These guilds, especially if they grow bigger in members, need a solid organization. Managing the guild can be done in the game but when you want to become big and successful then you also need a website and or forum. This will give the guild a more professional look and provides you with more opportunities to manage it properly.

When it comes to making money then this is the point that I find really interesting. Once the guild and website are set up and running your going to receive a lot of returning targeted traffic to your website, coming from members in the guild or people who would like to join. I have seen guilds with more then 900 members. That is a huge amount of people and they probably have a lot to talk about and to organize. That means they will visit the forum and/or the website on a regular basis.

Building a community

Don’t get me wrong by no means it is easy to get a big guild with so many members, or even to manage it but is has its advantages compared to just starting a website / blog. In the game you can simply look at who is online, check if they are in a guild and if not you can ask them to join your guild (don’t spam it just ask them once). You can do this all day long if you want and if your dedicated then it is guaranteed that you attract a lot of people to you community in no time. For example my guild is about 3 weeks old. At the moment I have 40 active members. My blog is 6 months old and I can not even speak about a community yet, despite all my hard efforts to start one.

I am not saying that it is impossible to get quick traffic to your blog but with forming the guild and a related website I achieve quicker results when it comes to building an online community. You bond much quicker because you have adventures and fun together and when you approach players in the game then you know for sure that they are in the same interest group as you.

When the guild is growing you have to start offering guild members benefits in order for them to feel happy in the guild. For example you can start organizing in-game events. So then the next step is to direct them to you website to find out more information about those events and other guild related topics.

Another thing that makes it a lot more easy is the fact that you can make people happy with in-game rewards. The game has a system where you can gather items and in-game gold. These items can be collected by players when doing quests and killing monsters. People want those items and gold. Instead of having to buy stuff that you can give away on your website to attract people you can now make them happy with items from the game. You can also use items and gold as a reward for people that help you.

Keep it legal

There are other ways of making money with World of Warcraft. This is the result of the in game currency and because it takes a lot of time to build up your character. There are company’s, mainly in China, that make money by letting employees game all day gathering gold or building up characters. So called gold farming or power level company’s. They sell the gold or the characters to lazy gamers that want instant heroism. Blizzard (the creator of WoW) does not allow this and you can get your account banned if you get involved in those activities.

The beauty of the system I just explained is that you don’t make money with the game directly but with you website. You don’t have to worry of doing bad stuff that gives you problems later on. Keep it that way.

Respect for the game and its players

To avoid misunderstanding I want to make clear that by no means I want to try and make money by using people or by misusing the game. I absolutely love World of Warcraft as a game. It provides the opportunity to live in a fantasy world. Which I find amazing. The world in the game is huge. You can walk around for days and days and see beautiful landscapes, amazing monsters and have so much crazy adventures.

However over the years the game is criticized a lot. Many people forget the real beauty of the things I just described and they play mainly to gather items and gold. Those people often give the game a bad name and create a bad gaming experience for others.

I don’t want to be that kind of person. I created my guild website to earn some money with what I love doing so much. But I created the guild because I wanted to do something with a real meaning in the game. I support players so that they achieve a better game experience. I can influence them in a good way and show them the beautiful parts of the game. I respect my guild members and do everything I can to help them. At the same time I learn so much about organizing, leadership and management.

That was it for now. I will keep writing about my guild adventures. Articles about how to actually make money with a website will follow as well. In the meantime I would like to ask my dear readers some questions: to which (online) community do you belong and what do you think the benefits are of being a member of that community? Leave your interesting responses in the comment section below.