How To Save Money By Being A Healthy Traveler


Learn how to save money by eating healthy food.Learn how to save money by living healthy

As a traveler you probably maintain a budget. In order to keep this budget healthy you have to make sure that you stay healthy yourself. Unexpected high medical bills could really ruin a trip. Try to prevent these bills by taking good care of your body. These tips will teach you how to save money by being a healthy traveler.


You burn a lot of energy when you are digesting food. Try to fast frequently, preferably once a week. When you fast your body does not have to spend energy on digesting. Instead it can use that energy on unfinished maintenance work. Give your body that opportunity. I plan my fasting days on the moon calendar. The moon can help to cleanse the body, especially during certain moon phases like full moon or half moon.

When you fast, you will not only boost your health but you will also save money, because you do not have to spend it on food. I recommend you choose an easy day, at which you do not have to do much physical or stressful activities, like work, relocating, sightseeing or meeting people. Choose a day at which you can stay at home and relax.

Avoid unnecessary junk food

Society has made us consuming slaves. We constantly buy and eat foods which we do not really need. You want to be in it for the long run? Then keep away from the chocolates, the cookies, the chips and all those other unnecessary junk foods. You do not really need those products and you will save money when you are not buying them.

Eat and drink in moderation

Besides fasting I also believe a person should eat and drink in moderation. Eat moderate meals and stop before you feel completely full. Do not eat keep eating all day long but eat at regular scheduled times. Only eat a few times a day, and stop eating at least four hours before you go to bed. This will allow your body to digest the food while you are still awake.

Digesting food during your sleep seems to be very unhealthy. Your body is burning energy because it needs to digest the food, but actually it needs to rest. This can make you feel tired even though you had a long sleep, By eating in moderation you also save a lot of money. Eat three meals a day with in between 3 small healthy snacks, like apples, nuts and seeds.

Treat your body like a temple

It is very important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are going to travel for a long time. Take good care of your body. Brush and stoke your teeth carefully, eat and drink healthy products and exercise regularly. Also make sure that you protect yourself against tropical diseases if you go to tropical countries.

A high dentist or hospital bill could unexpectedly take a big chunk out of your travel budget. Try to prevent problems instead of resolving them. Medical care might be the biggest unexpected cost that you encounter on you travels. Therefore it is very important that you treat your body as a temple.

These thoughts are my own

My health tips are not only for travelers but also for people who just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle back home. These described health tips are my own thoughts and opinions, based on my own experiences. It could be that they benefit you but it could also not be. Take my tips as a starting point and then seek contact with health professionals. They can help you create personal eating, fasting and exercise methods.

Do you treat your body like a temple? How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle and budget? 

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  • why-not-treat-your-body-like-temple: There are many ways how you can treat your body like a temple. Blogger Shannon Ables describes a few methods in her post on which I agree.
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Iraqi soup with white beans

I bought the cookbook of Stevie Parle’s. It contains a lot of easy interesting recipes. I started my cooking adventure with the recipe for Iraqi soup with white beans. It contains a mix of spices called Bhagdat bharat. I did a lot of cooking in my life but I never really focused on the spices. Mixing all those spices was a wonderful new cooking experience for me, from buying them in the shop to mixing them all together and creating an exiting new taste and smell. Sometimes cooking is travelling the world in your own kitchen. A lovely thing to do.

Luxury Travel in Japan

Luxury travel in Japan

Japan is renowned for its technological accolades and rich cultural heritage, which includes ancient art, fashion and religious history. If money is no object  then Japan offers a sumptuous feast of sights and sounds, exclusive spa, yacht and luxurious hotel accommodation. We’re revealing some delectable gourmet restaurant choices, luxury spa resorts and at least one airline that offers the ultimate in airborne comfort.

Luxury Spa Resorts and Hotels in Japan

Yoshigaura Onsen, Noto Peninsula

Renowned as one of the best resort spas in Japan, the Yoshiguara Onsen on the Noto Peninsula is situated within a cliff, surrounded by lush forests. Luxurious hot springs are a prominent feature of the Onsen, as are sea-view terraces. Each room has its own private, luxury outdoor bath. Tatami rooms and typical Japanese spa treatments offer the ultimate in modern and ancient wellness treatments to pamper travellers in need of rejuvenation.

Hakone Ginyu Spa Resort

The Hakone Ginyu Spa Resort is ideal for wealthy travellers who enjoy the taste of traditional Japanese culture and hospitality. Public baths and open-air spa baths can be found on every floor and mineral baths are fed by thermal water from the Mt. Fuji area. Rooms are decorated in both Western and Japanese style and all rooms offer wonderful mountain views.

Peninsula Hotel

This hotel offers pure luxury from start to finish. Guests are collected from the airport in a Rolls Royce and the hotel has been rated as Japan’s finest and the world’s seventh best hotel. The hotel can be found in the Maranouchi/Ginza area of Tokyo. Its world famous rooms are spacious and elegantly appointed and very popular with international travellers. A deluxe suite offers guests perfect relaxation in the form of separate dressing and bathing areas, spa baths and espresso machines.

Shimoda Yamatokan Spa Resort on the Izu Peninsula

At the Shimoda Yamatokan ryokan (Japanese inn) resort on the Izu Peninsula each room has its own terraced area with views of the ocean. En-suite rooms boast hot spring bathing facilities and the Umi grill restaurant offers freshly caught seafood delights.

Gourmet Dining in Japan

Japan offers the culinary adventurer a smorgasbord of gourmet delights. Any of the luxury resorts and hotels listed above offer gourmet dining options to their visitors however the following restaurants, situated in Tokyo, are highly recommended:

– Kozue at the Park Hyatt Hotel
– Mikawa Zezankyo
– Nodaiwa
– Nihon Ryori Ryugin
– Aronia de Takazawa

Luxury Flights to Japan

Virgin Atlantic offer luxury flights to Japan via their Upper Class Suite cabins. Not only does this grant you priority boarding and disembarking but travellers can make use of extra luggage allowance, an expedient immigration and security check, freedom menu, and fully reclining beds. All this in addition to a full bar on each flight. If comfort and exclusivity is the standard you prefer and price isn’t an issue then this is a great luxury flight for those visiting Japan.

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The rich and famous in Japan spare no expense when it comes to luxury travel. What are your luxury travel favourites? Share your Japanese luxury travel plans with us in the comments section below.