The Liebster Blog Award – Why You Should Accept It

My Liebster Blog Award logoWhy you should be happy with the Liebster Blog Award

Recently, I received a nomination for the Liebster Blog Award. I did some research, and I found out that some former nominees did not like to participate in the nomination process. Although this is their good right, I would still like to encourage everyone to accept this price and pass it forward. In this article I will explain why you should always accept the Liebster Blog Award nomination.

The Liebser what?

First let me give you a brief explanation about the Liebster Award. Bloggers will nominate other new blog writers, who, at their turn, pass the love forward again. Some people think it is a sort of chain letter, and that is probably the main reasons why it is not always positively received.

1. Readers get to know you

The person who nominates you will ask some questions about your blog and/or your life. This is a good opportunity to tell your readers a little bit more about yourself. People love to get to know the person behind the articles. Besides that, maybe it is even your first interview. How cool is that!

2. Blog recognition

The one who sends you love will put a link to your blog on his or her website. Same goes for the people who you nominate.This is a part of the procedure. You have to thank the blogger who awarded you. Currently you have to praise five new bloggers after receiving the Liebster Award. So in the best case, there will be six new people who refer to your site.

3. Connecting with other bloggers

Are you usually busy with your own blog? Receiving the Liebster Award is a good incentive to have a look around at the websites of your fellow posters. You have to nominate five new people, so grab that opportunity to discover interesting new blogs. Now you will focus on other writers instead of your own. Maybe you even become a fan of the newly discovered blogs.

4. Credibility indicators

Congratulations!! You received an award for your blog. How amazing is that! Some people do not take the Liebster Blog Award very serious, but there are always others who acknowledge the benefits. Some visitors will trust or admire your blog when they see that it has been nominated for a price. Rewards are nice credibility indicators. People like to see those things.

5. Suport new bloggers

The best aspect of the Liebster Award is that you get to help new bloggers. All these benefits that I mentioned, will be given to them as well. Forget all the negative Nancy’s who say that there is no real reward. These five points are nice benefits. They will hopefully give the newbie a lot of motivation and a jump start into the blogosphere.

How would you respond if you received a Liebster Blog Award. Would you exept it or ignore it, and why?

Useful links

The Liebster Award Nomination

Receiving the Liebster AwardThe Liebster Award nomination 

Bloggers Lindsey and Ash, from Mundo Trundle, where so kind to nominate my blog for The Liebster Award. It is my first blog award nomination and I would like to thank both of them very much for providing it to me. It is an honor 🙂

What is the Liebster Award?

Bloggers can nominate new blogs for the The Liebster Award. The purpose of the award is to promote the websites of those bloggers and learn more about them. Although I do not really qualify as a newbie, I still feel very exited about receiving The Liebster Award 🙂

The rules

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, and include a link to his or her blog.
  • Provide answers to the eleven questions from that person.
  • Give nominations to other bloggers, who have less than 500 Twitter followers.
  • Ask them eleven new questions.
  • Let them know about their nominations, so that they can proceed with the award process. 
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My answers

These are my answers to the questions from Ash and Lindsey:

1. Did you ever visit a country you didn’t like?

No. I never completely dislike a country. There where certain aspects about some destinations that I did not particularly like, but so far there where always other aspects which I enjoyed. Also, good travel companions can make any trip worthwhile.

2. Do you prefer to travel when it is hot and sunny or cold and snowy?

In general I like warm countries. However, now that I am living in Thailand I often miss the rain, changing seasons and snow. For me, the ideal travel situation is a moderate climate.

3. What’s your best travel memory so far (if you can pick just one!)?

That is a difficult question. Over the years I have gathered so many amazing memories. One memorable experience was the road trip I did with my dad in New Zealand. A truly beautiful country. There I had the privilege to jump out of an airplane on a super bright day. An unbelievable adventure, and I am proud that I could experience it.

4. What’s your biggest travel regret?

I do not have many regrets when it comes to traveling, besides from the fact that I did not travel more. However, I can solve that problem in the future. I made many mistakes during my travels, but I learned from all of them. It made me a more experienced traveler and human. So I see my mistakes as blessings.

5. Do you prefer long overland journeys or quick flights? Why?

It depends on the reason why I am traveling. Recently I prefer quick flights, but in the future I would also like to focus on slow and long travel over land. I would like to make some long train journeys for example.

6. What’s your creature comfort when you travel?

Water. Can’t go anywhere without it 🙂 Ah and good walking shoes. I love to walk around a lot and get lost. So the shoes that I am wearing are very important factors for my well being.

7. What’s your first travel memory?

When I was young, me and my family always went camping in France. I miss those times.

8. Have you ever taken a course abroad?

I have followed a diving course in Ko Tao (Thailand) and a first aid instructors course in Bangkok (Thailand).

9. Where are you right now?

At the moment I am in Thailand. Me and my partner Dianna live in an apartment in Bangkok.

10. What do you miss most about home?

My friends and my family. It would be great to see them again and spend time with them. Me and my nephew11. Where are you headed next?

We will most likely move to a Greek island next year. I am really looking forward to that. Greece is a beautiful country with a lot of history.

My nominees:

  • Ultimate Aberration: The blog of stand up comedian Vinay Menon. I choose his blog because Vinay is a great guy, who writes in a very unique and humorous way. I really like his articles and his writing style.
  • Josh Voydik: I met Josh a while ago, when he couchsurfed at my place with his friend Casey. I like the way he looks at live and how he describes his thoughts. I hope he will write more articles 😉
  • ‘Livin’ Pura Vida: I got interested in Christina’s blog after reading her comprehensive post about New Zealand. We both skydived at NZone. I also speak highly of them 🙂 Cristina seems like a very adventurous person and her blog posts are fun to read. She has a bit more then 500 followers, but I guess I can also break the rules a little bit.
  • Travel Tip Girl: Laura also has a bit more followers then 500 but I would still like to nominate her, because I enjoy her writing style.  She is a new blogger who deserves this nomination. I hope she will continue blogging in her own unique way.
  • Worldly View: Brenden Palmer provides useful travel information in his posts. He writes about subjects like: how to do laundry when traveling or how to find cheap flights anywhere in the world. I like to read more of this blogger. A nomination is at its place.

My questions to them:

1. Which travel destination would you recommend to others?
2. What is the most crazy thing you ever did on your travels?
3. What scares you the most about traveling?
4. What motivates you to travel?
5. Which country do you want to live in, if you can choose?
6. Who is the most inspiring person you ever met during your travels, and why?
7. What was the most valuable lesson you have learned during your travels?
8. What is the strangest destination you ever visited?
9. What is your favorite language and why?
10. Who is your favorite travel companion and why?
11. If you had a million dollar travel budget, where would you go?

I am exited to read all your answers 🙂