Hipmunk City Love: Six Tips on How to Explore Las Vegas With a Low Budget

Las Vegas on a budget

Las Vegas might seem like a strange choice for a budget city-trip. However, this city has a lot more to offer then just casino’s where large amounts of money quickly disappear and end up in the pockets of other vacationers. Various walking and sightseeing tours suit the planning of a low-budget traveler. Here are six Las Vegas activities that can easily be experienced on a tight budget.

1. The Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

Completely free but absolutely iconic, the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign is one sight that you don’t want to miss, and probably can not miss if you travel to Las Vegas by car. It earned its spot on the National Register of Historic Places and has been a central object in vacation photo’s for over 55 years.

2. The Paris Las Vegas Eiffel Tower

Do you want to see the Eiffel tower, but is your budget not high enough to visit it in Paris? Luckily Las Vegas is a city full of endless opportunities, and a trip to the Paris Las Vegas Eiffel tower is one of those luxuries. For just $14, You get to experience a fabulous 460 feet high view over the Strip, the Bellagio fountains, and Las Vegas Valley.

3. A Gondola Ride

When in Las Vegas, Venice is also within reach. Rent your own Gondola and singing Gondolier for just $19.95. The Gondolier will take you on a 15 minute boat ride along Grand Canal Shops. These Gondola boat rides start at The Venetian.

4. The Fountains of the Bellagio

The Fountains of the Bellagio offer another free but priceless and iconic sightseeing/photo opportunity. What makes this sight so special is the choreographed water display sequences. 30 songs set the frequently changing, stylish dance of the water in motion.

5. The Roller Coaster at the New York-New York Hotel and Casino

Don’t have money for a thrilling experience in one of the casino’s? Test your nerves with a ride on the Roller Coaster at the New York-New York Hotel And Casino. The ticket price for this ride is only $14.

6. A Shrimp Cocktail at the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino

End your day in style with a shrimp cocktail at the Golden Gate Hotel And Casino. Eating this cocktail has become a famous tradition in Las Vegas. It costs only $3.99 and is available at Du Par’s restaurant and Bakery.

Travel Around the World During a Budget Trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas might seem like a budget unfriendly city, but conscious travelers who do some research, will quickly understand that it might even be a city that helps you save a lot of time and money. Did you always want to see Venice, the Eiffel Tower, or an Egyptian pyramid? Las Vegas shows you impressive copies of these attractions. All in just one day, and for just a few dollars. As an extra bonus, you get to see various affordable iconic Las Vegas sights as well.
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