A refreshing experiment in Bruges

BrugesOften I have the desire to escape my daily routine. At such moments I think about going to the other side of the world and start living on some remote mountain or island. Recently I did a little experiment which made me understand that refreshing your spirit does not have to evolve in gigantic for ever away escape plans. If you feel stressed out from normal daily life it can also turn out pretty refreshing to escape town for a few days and go to a nearby city or country.

I planned to escape for a few days and went to the charming old town of Bruges in Flanders (Belgium). When making preparations for my  little trip I noticed how long I did not traveled. I felt worried and uncomfortable about my plan to break the normal routine and having to stay in a strange place with people I did not know. But I really felt I had to force it. It turned out to be a success.

When arriving in Bruges it took me half a day to put away my worries and uncomfortable feelings and from that moment on I had the old familiar travelling spirit again. Everything turned out much more fun and less scary then I initially thought. I started thinking about what we are missing out in life by not wanting to break our normal routine life at which we so often feel frustrated. It is sad that we can get stuck in misery or tolerable but unsatisfying comfort, looking for a change but not willing to take it, all out of fear for disaster or the unknown. I wrote this article as a an advice to all you unhappy souls out there who are looking and dreaming for a change but who feel they can not put it of out of anxiety. You don’t need to travel to the other side of the world to fresh up your life. You can also just take a few days of and escape town.

It is like a refreshing shower. New people, new buildings, new food. It can be the town next to yours if you prefer not to go far at all. If you want it then do it despite your initial fears. It can be a real life changer. For example this little trip to Bruges helped me to start living more healthy and see things in a new perspective. Make sure you don’t fall back by planning regular short (city) trips. It does not have to cost you much as you stay close from home. Accommodation and transport tickets can turn out to be very cheap when you do a good search and book well in advance. Do not fear discomfort. Even if it does not turn out to be a nice place or the right solution for you (hey everyone is different). Its only for a few days. You will survive. Maybe it turns out to be so great that you get the real travelers spirit and start planning for a larger trip. Keep the travel fuel in your system by making regular small trips. I noticed it worked for me. Maybe it does for you as well.

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