Moments When I Cried For My Mommy – The Jump

Making the jump and crying for my mommyThe jump from 9000 feet

We reached the required height and it was time to face the consequences of my decision. A decision I had made 9000 feet below on the safe ground. I cursed my stupidity as I crawled to the door opening. Don’t worry my jump assistant said to me. You don’t have to do anything, swing your legs out of the plane and let me do the rest.

I looked at him in despair. My face started to match with the color of the passing clouds. He stared back with a grin. I bet it was the biggest joy of his job. Seeing his customers weep at their pending doom. I sat down at the door opening and watched at my destination. For a moment I was happy that I did not have to make the decision to jump.

Is that you God?

We jumped. Or actually my flight assistant jumped and I came along for the ride. My body quickly reached the speed of 200 kph. My skin and clothes stretched and flapped around me. The noise was overwhelming, every rational thought got blown out of my mind. Only pure fear and an intense pain in my ears remained.

Then the parachute opened and everything became dead silent. Suddenly, a voice spoke to me from behind. The voice spoke calmly: “Isn’t it a nice day”? I shrieked. For a second, I thought that it was God who talked to me. I had completely forgotten the man on my back. My tandem buddy continued talking and asked me if I was wearing contact lenses. Apparently they were sticking on his face.

Holy ground

We peacefully whirled to the ground. I cherished that ground with my dad, who also survived his jump. During our sky dive we where accompanied by a photographer/cameraman. Before we jumped, I had convinced myself that I would look cool in the camera during the drop. However, the video material showed the bitter truth. I had totally forgotten the camera, which clearly showed that I was crying for my mommy.

A strong handhold

It was one of many moments during my travels when I cried for my mommy. I am convinced there will be many more of those moments. But hey, life is full of thrilling adventures and having a mommy to cry for gives some handhold when you are about to lose it.

On which occasions did you cry for your mommy? Was it also during a skydive? Share your experiences in the comments section below.
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