How to Live an Extraordinary Life

Bangkok protest rally stage. There are many ways to get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes you have to compete with fear, embarrassment or laziness. Whatever it is that makes you feel uncomfortable, it will challenge you when you confront it, and when you are challenged your feel stronger emotions. Staying comfortable maybe makes you feel bored, lazy or uninspired, while getting uncomfortable can make you feel exited, trilled or motivated. Now which of those emotions would you prefer?

Is your life boring? Do you lack the energy or motivation to accomplish something? Then challenge yourself to get into uncomfortable situations. Once you have experienced them, and step back in that safe comfort zone, you feel satisfied about what you accomplished. Fear is exchanged for happiness because you confronted your uncomfortable feelings.

What you have to do to become uncomfortable is different for everyone. Sometimes those actions are not scary or challenging. Maybe they are frustrating or annoying, before they become rewarding and exiting. Here are some examples that really changed things for me, when I stepped out of my comfort zone to overcame my discomforts.

Uncomfortable decisions that changed my live

An important challenge for me was to start traveling. At first only for short periods but eventually indefinitely. This was a very uncomfortable and live changing decision. I ditched my job and started working on my uncertain career as a travel writer. I lost my financial comfort and the comfortable feeling of being in my own country. However, it was absolutely worth it. Traveling is an excellent way to step out of your comfort zone.

During my travels I have petted a tiger, driven a motorcycle true Laos, skydived in New Zealand, talked with protesters on a rally stage in Bangkok and belly danced for a tour group in Turkey. All kinds of things that made me very uncomfortable in one way or another. Sometimes I embarrassed myself, sometimes I hurt myself, sometimes I felt totally horrible or even utterly scared and stupid.

But I never regret having experienced those moments, never ever. They made my live more extraordinary and provided me with unforgettable memories. Those memories will keep adding up. When I am old I can lean back and be happy and satisfied because I showed the courage to step outside of my comfort zone, and therefore got rewarded with an exiting live.

What could go wrong?

I often battle with my imagination when I want do something uncomfortable. Then I start thinking about what could go wrong, what people would think of me or what might happen if I fail. But it usually turns out to be completely different and not that bad at all. A lot of times it turned out to be far more exiting and rewarding then I could ever have imagined.

Sometimes getting uncomfortable does not mean jumping out of an airplane or entertaining people on a stage. It also means doing your exercises, even if you feel tired or lazy. It means finishing that article even though you want to watch television or go to bed. It means approaching that person and ask for a date. Think about how those actions can really change your live.

Getting uncomfortable is one of the most important actions I have to take every day. It provides me with motivation because I know the rewarding result. For example as a writer I notice that I am far more exited and motivated to write articles about situations which trilled me. I also enjoy that amazing feeling when I realize I am doing something extraordinary or unusual.

Maybe you feel very uncomfortable at certain moments, but eventually you will be rewarded for your efforts. The people that achieved great things did not get there by staying in their comfort zone. They went that extra mile. They crossed the line. That is what made them great. That is what will make you great.

What was your most rewarding uncomfortable action and how did it change your live?

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