La nature dans la ville

Did you have a busy day?
Come take a break from your stressful life to visit me. I am the beautiful Parc des Bastions and I offer you a place to relax and to enjoy nature in the city.

Settle down it the grass for a nap or have a walk along my collection of fountains, statues and trees. When all that relaxing makes you hungry or thirsty then you can visit the pavilion restaurant. If you love board games and your up to some serious strategic thinking then I offer you a chance to play life-size chess and checkers in the game area.

There is a lot more thinking that takes place on my grounds.
My park is an area for study because the first university of Geneva is standing here. That university was founded by John Calvin. What an influence that man has been for this city. Therefore he is honoured and remembered with a place on the Mur de la Reformation. That is a monument which is build in my park. His statue is standing at the centre of the Wall next to other important founders of the Reformation, like John Knox, Theodore Beza and William Farel. The monumental wall was built in 1909 to celebrate John Calvin’s 400th birthday and the 350th anniversary of the university. It is placed into the old city walls.

I always enjoy it when the university students use my park for relaxation and outdoor activities. All those ambitious young people give me a real buzz. I, at my turns, offer them a place where they can rest their busy minds. Yes I am quite a peaceful place and I hope I can keep it that way for a very long time.

Don’t forget to pay attention to my dear brothers and sisters when visiting Geneva. There is the lovely Jardin Anglais, where you can find a beautiful flower-clock, or the Parc de la Grande which is the place of the beautiful and famous rose garden. When you treasure a love for plants, you can visit my former companions, The Botanical gardens. Their place contains a huge collection of plants from all over the world.

Yes the people of Geneva love their parks and they have all the reasons to do so. We are beautiful, serene and often very special but most of all we are a place to relax and a very welcome escape from the busy city life.


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