Japanese T-shirt design companies

Stand out from the crowd

Japanese fashion is fresh and funky, and guarantees that its wearer will stand out from the crowd with a unique style. Japanese designers have so many fashion genres at their fingertips, from (often European-influenced) haute couture to the eclectic trends of Japan’s street fashion and the fun inspiration provided by cartoons (Japan is the home of ‘Hello Kitty’ and anime after all!). So why not buy a fab T-shirt from a Japanese designer and express yourself in a unique way?

Get mischievous, sexy, or kooky with a Japanese-designed T-shirt

Japanese T-shirts often have cute, quirky designs or slogans that help to express your mood, or catch the attention of beholders. Gesshoku Designs is a prime example of one of these Japanese T-shirt design companies. Gesshoku Designs offers a great range of tees with some wonderful prints on. From cute origami figures to anime creatures bursting with personality, you are sure to find a funky, upbeat T-shirt here that you want to wear every day!

Artistic T-shirts for those special occasions

If you are looking for a T-shirt that is a bit more arty, then look no further than Shiroi Neko. This Japanese T-shirt design company offers T-shirts that are a cut above the rest, with their high-quality screen-printed designs. Other special features of these elegant T-shirts are the option to buy a T-shirt that has been artistically ‘aged’ with a pumice stone to create a truly unique effect. Melding elaborate tattoo-like designs, impeccably-drawn anime, and other beautiful statement prints, these T-shirts are works of art in their own right!

The art of the illustrator

Several Japanese T-shirt design companies feature the designs of only one artist, leading to an irreplaceable, instantly-recognisable brand. One such company is Visible Elephant. Master Japanese illustrator Chichi’s exquisite designs feature on every single T-shirt in this range, from sweeping eagles to more abstract patterns. With a focus on originality and a commitment to high artistic standards, companies such as Visible Elephant sell some of the very best T-shirts around!

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