Japanese Fashion Trends

Fashion is popular in Japan. There are different trends. At this moment styles like lolita and cosplay are favourite. Other popular trends are gyaru and visual kei. The trends can be seen in the fashion areas Harajuku and Shinjuku. The clothes from there are important for all of Asia. Streatwear is also popular. Since decades the streatwear from Japan influences fashion. Modern styles are influenced by  brands like Issey Miyake and Comme des Garcons.

Fashion Shopping

Do you like shopping?. Most popular brands are available online. So if you want to see what is trendy in Japan, consult the internet.

T-Shirt designs

An affordable Japanese fashion item is a T-shirt. Companies like Graniph offer eye-catching designs. You can find shirts for every occasion.

Handbag Trends

Japanese women usually own at least one handbag of Louis Vuitton. This brand is very popular in Japan.

Popular Shoe Trends

Japanese men and women are in for fashion. They pay attention to everything. So even their shoes are trendy. The trends differ from gothic boots to vegan footwear. The shoe designs are innovative.

Your Style

Which  trends do you like the most? Leave your responses in the comment section below.


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