Japanese fashion online shopping

Japanese fashion is a huge mixed bag of styles and colours. Everything from modern modes of fashion to clothing inspired by Japanese animé can be found on the streets of Japan. Thanks to many online stores, that ship around the world, the Japanese fashion world is now a few clicks away from appearing on your doorstep.

Lolita style – original Japanese fashion

By far the most well-known of Japanese fashion is the so-called Japanese Street Fashion. Pairing bright pastel colours with somewhat childlike patterns of clothing, this type of style can be found in many major Japanese cities. In Japanese culture, this bright and childlike type of clothing is seen as cute and fashionable. A version of this type of fashion is also known as Gothic Lolita, which allows for a darker mix of clothing.

Harajuku girls – Japanese punk fashion

In the last few years, this type of fashion, named after an area in Tokyo, has become more popular in Western culture. For instance, Famous singer Gwen Stefani included ‘Harajuku girls’ in her videos and concerts. Using more punk themes and neon colours, this type of style allows you to express beauty in a way that is much different than normal fashion types.

So, which type are you?

Tell us what type of Japanese clothing inspires you and which type of Japanese fashion do you order online? Leave your interesting responses in the comments section below.


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