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Planning for Japan Travel Adventures

Japan is a fascinating country, offering visitors an endless juxtaposition of ancient and modern sights in its neon cities and serene countryside. When you’re planning your next Japan travel tour, you’ll want to make sure that you give yourself time to experience all of the sights that Japan has to offer. From mountains to sea, there’s no shortage of exciting areas to visit, many accessible by Japan’s excellent public transportation infrastructure. Two of the main cities to visit are Kyoto and Tokyo.

Exploring Tokyo

One of the first stops on any tour of Japan is usually Tokyo. This modern capital city is densely populated and filled to the brim with world class museums, art galleries, and cutting edge shops to visit. As you explore Tokyo, you can get around its 2,000 square kilometres using its modern and convenient underground transportation system. A good place to start your visit is at the top of the Tokyo Tower, which offers you a good vantage point of the city’s impressive sprawl. Another great way to get around Tokyo is on the top of the Sky Bus Tokyo, which is a double decker tour bus passing through many of Tokyo’s most prominent neighbourhoods and sights. You won’t want to miss famous sights like the ancient Imperial Palace and Meiji Shrine as you take your tour of Tokyo.

Visiting Kyoto

While Tokyo is one of the most modern cities in the world, those wanting to see a quieter, more traditional side of Japan can travel to tranquil Kyoto. This was an ancient capital city of Japan, which has over a thousand years of history to learn about. Kyoto is home to numerous gardens and Buddhist temples. If you want to take a glimpse of the more spiritual lifestyle in Japan, you can visit Kyoto temples such as Ryoanji and Honganji. These quiet temples offer plenty of space for meditation, as well as impressive architecture and lush gardens to relax in. Visitors to Kyoto can also enjoy a traditional tea ceremony or flower arranging course to learn about the various art forms of Japan.

Outdoor Travel Adventures

Visiting cities like Tokyo and Kyoto will give you a glimpse of both modern and ancient Japan. Yet those staying for longer visits may also want to get out into the countryside. Whether you prefer hiking, horseback riding, or relaxing in hot springs, you’ll find no shortage of Japan travel tours that will take you out into the wilder side of this beautiful country. There are plenty of panoramic viewpoints to soak in, unique wildlife to admire, and tranquil beaches to relax on in this diverse island nation. Many day trips depart from Japan’s cities for your convenience.

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