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Japan travelExperience Japan travel specials

Travelling around Japan, or even a particular region of Japan, is a great way to get involved in the Japanese lifestyle and learn more about it. You can experience Japanese food, culture, fashions, history, and architecture at first hand.

Fun ways to travel around  the country

Japan is a wonderful mix of ancient tradition and modern technological innovation. You can certainly see this in the fantastic mix of transportation methods in the country. For instance, Travelling all over the country can be done really quick with Japan’s very efficient and fast train network: known as ‘bullet trains’. When in Tokyo you can also try the famous metro. Often packed with interesting people, the Tokyo metro is a good way to travel around this exciting city. For a more leisurely journey, amid some stunning scenery, you can  take a ferry on the waters of Japan. Many of the beautiful islands that make up the country can only be reached by this mode of transport.

Travel can be your ticket to an unforgettable Japanese lifestyle experience

Japan is full of wonderful travel locations. From museums to breathtaking mountains and from areas of deep religious meaning to buzzing shopping malls. Travelling in Japan will open a whole new world of unique experiences to you.

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