Japan luxury travel

luxuryJapan is a wonderful country to visit and has a variety of very captivating scenes, which are sure to quench the thirst of the adventurous traveller in you. Marvel at the ancient Japanese castles and the rich culture inherent in them or get on board a bullet train, moving with supersonic speed. This is just a taste of what you will be able to experience in Japan. Tour the country in style with any luxury travel company of your choice.

Japan Luxury Travel With Artisans of Leisure

Artisans of Leisure are just one of the many touring companies offering you luxury tours in Japan. Their package includes; exquisite rooms in some of the most prestigious hotels in Japan and also some of the local inns which are referred to as Ryokan in the native language. Customers also have the pleasure of having private guides and are taken to wherever might interest them. When it comes to travelling using the bullet trains, the Artisans of Leisure provide you with first class seats.

Abercrombie and Kent Luxury Tours

The A&K Company seeks to offer customers an impressive tour of Japan, by offering the best tour services in the country. The company has a chartered vessel known as the ‘Clipper Odyssey’. This vessel can comfortably accommodate approximately 118 guests. You will be accompanied by Geoffrey Kent, the founder of the company, as well as other professional guides. With the vessel you will be able to visit shrines, which are a huge part of the Japanese heritage. For instance, the Shinto shrine in Miyajima. Areas you also will be able to visit include Kyongju, Hiroshima and Kyoto.

Your favourite choice

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