Japan hotel booking

belFinding the perfect hotel or ryokan for a stay in Japan has never been easier. There are all types of hotels available in Tokyo, Kyoto and in many smaller towns and cities, which are becoming more accessible to travellers. Japan hotel booking is simple when you look around. There really is something for everyone.

Finding the Right Japan hotel booking

With everything from business hotels to luxury 5 star accommodations, Japan has a selection of great places to stay. There are a lot of great websites specialized in Japanese hotel bookings and there are also lots of specialty travel agents who can give you all the information that you need. If you’re travelling to Tokyo, then the most usual type of accommodation is a luxury or business hotel. You could also stay in one of the famous capsule hotels, sometimes called coffin hotels. They are a good option for travellers on a limited budget who only need a room that is big enough to sleep in. However, there are a lot more comfortable options available, so do look around.

Hotels and Ryokans in Japan

When it comes to a Japan hotel booking for a stay in Tokyo, you’ll probably find any number of hotels designed to appeal to Western visitors. However, for a more unique Japanese experience, you could stay in a ryokan. This is a traditional Japanese inn where you’ll be able to meet and talk with the owner and sleep on a tatami mat. There aren’t really any ryokans in Tokyo, where business and tourist hotels are far more in demand. In rural areas and places where visitors go to see the beautiful Japanese countryside and scenery, there are usually plenty of good local ryokans to find. There are certain to be ryokans in and around Kyoto. This is a beautiful place to visit when in Japan.

Looking for your favorite hotel?

Are you often looking online for last minute offers and great deals on a Japan hotel booking? What do you consider the right hotel, place and price to visit Japan? Leave your interesting responses in the comments section below.


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