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Japan is an interesting option if you are looking for adventure. Approximately 85% of Japan is mountainous, making it a very ‘young’ country so to speak. With this in mind, there is a lot of adventure and discovery that Japan has to offer. The land is ideal for trekking and so many other adventures. For example, seeing the shrines and  the lakes or discovering the woodlands. There are numerous companies offering tours.

Japan Adventure Travel With World Expeditions
World Expeditions is one of the main companies offering adventure travel in Japan. The company will take you on a whirlwind tour at the back roads of Japan. This will include; trekking the ancient pilgrim trails and staying at traditional family inns. The experienced guides will also take you on a cycling adventure. You will cycle true the whole of the Hokkaido Island. In addition to this, you get to taste the pleasures of Japan by visiting the town of Kansai. This the culinary hub of the entire country. You will also be able to explore the magnificence of the Izu Peninsula and its extraordinarily beautiful coastal scenery.

The G-Adventures Company
This is another company in Japan that offers adventure travel packages. They have several tours and many professional guides. The company provides a Japan family adventure where families get to experience modern and ancient Japan.

Your thoughts and experiences
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