How To Survive A Day In Bangkok With Young Kids


How to survive a day in Bangkok with young kidsHow to survive Bangkok with young children

Recently my little brother (4) and sister (3) came to Bangkok. During their visit, it became clear that Bangkok can be a challenging environment for kids, and also for their parents’ wallets. In this article, I provide some tips on how to survive a day in Bangkok with little kids. Read this article to prevent yourself from unwanted surprises, and to give your family a hassle free time in the capital city of Thailand.

The environment

Consider the conditions your children will be exposed to when you visit Bangkok. The temperature is hot and motorized vehicles cause dangerous situations. Make sure to keep an eye on your kids and use taxis as a way of transportation. Taxis provide many benefits. They do not have to deal with the heat and the various dangerous situations on the street. They will also not get tired from walking long distances.

Taxis are cheap if you use them with many persons. Make sure to know up front which places to avoid and which places to visit. By doing this you will save time and money because you avoid attractions which will only disappoint you as soon as you reach the ticket desk.

Places to avoid

Avoid overpriced tourist scams like Ocean World and Madam Tussaud. Sure it must be cool to see a shark or a waxed version of Michael Jackson but expect to pay a fortune for these privileges. For example adults pay 900 baht (27 dollars) for an entrance ticket to Ocean World and a ticket for kids costs 700 baht (21 dollars). These prices are ridiculously high.

To make matters worse. These are actually the prices for foreigners. Thai people pay a much lower prices. Dual pricing should never be allowed in my humble opinion. They know it is wrong because they hide the Thai price for foreigners. The same double pricing scam is used at Madam Tussaud and other attractions. Avoid these scams! The humiliation and price are not worth it. Little children can easily be satisfied with more affordable activities.

Places to visit

The numerous parks in the city are much more suitable for children, and most likely also for parents. The parks offer many benefits. They are traffic free, so they offer a safe and more healthy environment for children. Parks are tranquil environments which often provide playgrounds. Those playgrounds are free and the kids love them.

You can also choose to go to the Dusit Zoo. This zoo offers more reasonable ticket prices. Do you live in Thailand or stay for a long time? For 2000 baht (61 dollars) you can buy a Zoo Lovers membership card. This card is valid for five years and enables a family member and four other persons to enter many zoos in Thailand.

Troubles and pleasures

Now you know more about the troubles and pleasures of visiting Bangkok with young children This city offers a lot of fun attractions for children but many of them charge a high entrance price. This is especially troublesome if you come with a big family. Try to find refuge in parks and the Dusit Zoo. Your kids will have a great time and you can rest while watching them play.

Did you visit Bangkok with young kids? Was it a fun city trip or did you experience some problems? Do you have other tips for people who come to Bangkok with their children?

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  1. Central World’s TK Park is a gem and cheap to get in. A few other kids attractions are popping up around the city that you should look into also.

    1. Thanks for the tip Dwight. It was hard to find something cheap for the kids so I will definitely check out the TK Park.
      Your right I am also noticing more attractions for kids recently. Good developments 🙂

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